Hike the Pino Trail

Take Simms Park road (continue straight through the roundabout) all the way until it ends. There is a parking area right by the trailhead. Enjoy the views of the Sandias Mountains and the pines.

60 Saves

Backpack Chimney Top Loop

Start out on Koomer Ridge Trail to see Hidden Arch. You will then head into the Right Fork Chimney Top Creek watershed, where you'll spend the night.

162 Saves

Hike to Gray's Arch

The trail approaches the arch through a ravine, passing by cliffs, dense forest, and a stream (Kings Branch) en route.

210 Saves

Hike the Millennium Trail, Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest

The Millennium Trail in the Bernheim Forest combines a number of trails into a full day's hike. The well-marked trail passes over ridges and through forest and meadows, with some ups and downs.

90 Saves

Hike to Lick Falls

The Grayson Lake State Park has two trails – the Lick Falls Loop Trail, and the 0.8 mile Beech-Hemlock Forest Trail. Lick Falls is best done after a rain, to make sure the falls are flowing.

182 Saves

Hike Raven Run Nature Sanctuary Trail

Raven Run Park is a 734-acre nature sanctuary near the Kentucky River Palisades. After signing in at the nature center, head out via the connecting trail to Red Trail.

150 Saves

Hike to Whittleton Arch

Starting from the Whittleton Campground, you will follow along a stream until reaching the Whittleton Arch Trail at 0.75 miles. Turn right to reach the arch.

188 Saves

Hike to Courthouse Rock and Double Arch

Start at the trailhead located just past the Gray's Arch picnic area. Follow Auxier Ridge Trail #204 (white diamonds). You will pass a trail junction at 0.9 miles, but continue on Auxier Ridge.

204 Saves

Hike to Eagle Falls, Cumberland Falls SRP

Rated easy to moderate, this hike does have lots of stairs. Rated easy to moderate, this hike does have lots of stairs.

157 Saves

Hike or Bike Big Hollow Loop Trail

This loop trail in Mammoth Cave National Park combines a north and south loop, which are 5.3 miles and 3.7 miles, respectively. The south loop is a bit more challenging than the north loop.

150 Saves

Hike the Cedar Sink Trail

Starting at the parking lot off of National Park Boundary Road, you will follow the marked sign on the path until you hit a set of metal stairs heading downward.

99 Saves

Hike to Cataract Falls, Lieber State Recreation Area

Cataract Falls, in the Lieber State Recreation Area, has an upper falls (20 ft) and a lower falls (18 ft), located a half mile downstream. A covered bridge adds the scenic landscape.

238 Saves

Hike the Falls Canyon Trail

Falls Canyon Trail (Trail 3) in McCormick's Creek State Park takes on challenging, hilly terrain.

96 Saves

Hike the Low Gap Trail

Located in Morgan-Monroe State Forest, the Low Gap Trail (white blazes) offers forest, creeks, ponds, and rock formations. The trail runs partially on old forest roads.

109 Saves

Hike to Clifty Falls

This day hike in Clifty Falls State Park is a challenging workout with rewarding sights. Springtime brings wildflowers, and fall lovely colors, to the area.

346 Saves

Hike the HHC Trail, Brown County SP

HHC Trail (#8) in Brown County State Park is beautiful throughout the seasons.

203 Saves

Hike to Little Missouri Falls

This beautiful waterfall in the Ouachita National Forest is only a short distance along Little Missouri Trail. There is a picnic area by the parking lot, as well.

98 Saves

Photograph Crooked Creek Falls

This 16 ft waterfall is located just off the road, and can be combined with a day trip to Little Missouri Falls, nearby. Photo Credit: robert thigpen

100 Saves

Explore Rocky Falls

Rocky Falls are located only a short hike away from the parking lot. The swimming hole is also popular, and the adventurous can climb up to the rock face to reach the top of the falls.

180 Saves

Photograph Grand Falls

There really isn't much adventure in getting to the Grand Falls, because you could drive within 100 feet of it.

126 Saves

Photograph the Hodgson Mill Waterfall

With easy access off of Missouri Hwy 181, the Hodgson Mill Waterfall makes for a great photo opportunity. The historic water mill neighboring the falls dates to the mid to late 19th century.

60 Saves

Hike the Rocky Top Trail

Located in Lake of the Ozarks State Park, the Rocky Top Trail (yellow blazes) starts out with a climb to the top of a large glade.

93 Saves

Hike the Colosseum Trail

This park is best known for its castle ruins, which are also worth a visit.

286 Saves

Hike the Whispering Pines Loop

Large rock formations, picturesque creeks, and wildflowers are all found along this trail.

153 Saves