Hike Wall Street in Bryce Canyon

Hoodoos? What's that you say? Hoodoos are these amazing rock formations that Bryce Canyon is famous for. This hike is hands down the best way to see the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon.

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Bike the Lake Casitas Loop

The Lake Casitas Loop s a fantastic cycling trail leading from Ventura, California through Ventura Canyon, around Lake Casitas and up over Casitas Pass, down through Rincon Canyon to the ocean and so.

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Dive East Cat Rock

East Cat Rock of Western Anacapa Island is an excellent dive site for experience the vast kelp forests that can be found all along the California Coast and in the Channel Island National Park.

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Dive East Fish Camp

The numerous kelp forests, sea caves, and coves of the Channel Island National Park, coupled with its unbelievable sealife makes for some of the best diving in the world.

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Bike the Ventura, Santa Paula, and Ojai Loop

The Ventura - Ojai - Santa Paul loop is a classic half-century loop throughs some of the most beautiful cycling roads on the Central Coast.

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Bike the Sulphur Mountain Loop

The Sulphur Mountain Loop is a 28 mile cycling and mountain biking loop that begins in Ventura Canyon at the Sulphur Mountain Trailhead and loops through Ojai Valley.

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Bike the Rincon Trail

The Rincon Trail between Ventura and Santa Barbara is part of the wonderful Pacific Coast Bike Route, and features two-wave paved cycling lanes with beautiful views up and down the central coast.

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Bike the Ventura River and Ojai Bike Trails

The Ventura River and Ojai Valley Trail, effectively the same trail, is a gorgeous 32 mile trail that runs from Seaside Park in Ventura to downtown Ojai.

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Hike the Port Orford Heads Trail

The Port Orford Heads State Park comprises a drastically pronounced peninsula jutting out into the Pacific Ocean from the southern Oregon coast, providing breathtaking views both north to the Cape Bl.

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Soak in the Warm Springs Hot Spring

Warm Springs, Nevada at the crossroads of Route 6 and 375 aka "The Extraterrestrial Highway" is a long-abandoned ghost town that was once a stopover for stagecoaches and travelers crossing the massiv.

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Camp at the Cosmic Campground

Cosmic Campground International Dark Sky Sanctuary (CCIDSS) is the first International Dark Sky Sanctuary located on National Forest System lands and also in North America.

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Bike Foxen Canyon Road

Foxen Canyon Road from Santa Maria to Los Olivos runs through some of the most beautiful wine country in Santa Barbara county so much so that it was centerpiece of the film Sideways.

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Fat Tire Bike the Foothills Trail

The Reservoir Ridge and Foothills trail system around Horsetooth Reservoir and Fort Collins is excellent for mountain biking, trail running, and hiking.

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Swim at the Thousand Steps Pools

Driving down PCH southbound. Park at 9th street Laguna beach. You'l descend 219 stairs to be exact (feels like a 1,000). Once on the beach head to your left (south) until you come across a cave.

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Explore the Ruins & Pinturas Rupestres of Cataviña

Cataviña is one of those places that defies description and is a favorite of all who visit Baja beyond the typical tourist haunts of the border towns and Cabo.

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Camp at Playa el Requeson

Of the nine or so beaches where you can camp and/or find lodging along the eastern shore of Bahía de Concepcíon in Baja, El Requeson is arguably the most beautiful.

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Hike the Kortum Trail

The Kortum Trail in the Sonoma Coast State Park connects Goat Rock with Wrights Beach, winding along the top of the sea cliffs and affording incredible views of the California Coast and its numerous .

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Bouldering at Lamb's Rock, Sunset Boulders

Lamb Boulder, located within the "Sunset Boulders" collection, contains four fun and challenging V2 - V6 bouldering routes.

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Hike the Bodega Head Nature Trail

Sitting west of the San Andrea fault, the Bodega Head is a massive chunk of granite from the Salinian Block, a geological terrane that contains Point Reyes and the Farallon Islands, and shares its or.

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Camp at Bill's Beach, Playa Santispac

Bahía de Concepcion on the eastern side of Baja California is one of the most iconic and beautiful places on the peninsula.

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Camp at Playa La Gringa, Bahía de Los Angeles

To say that Bahía de Los Angeles is remote is an understatement.

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Jump off the iSoar at Sunset

The beloved iSoar (so named by its creator when a local bar owner said it was an "eyesore ruining my sunsets") is a repurposed sailboat anchored to the floor of Half Moon Bay which ropes, swings and .

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Snorkle Port Royal Gorge

In the 17th century Port Royal on the far eastern end of Roatan was home to over 2000 pirates, 500 homes, and untold barrels of rum (and treasure).

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Hike up Twin Peaks

There are a ton of ways to get here (and obviously that can affect the total distance) but this is starting from Crestline and make sure you don't take any of the less-traveled trials.

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