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Camp at Black Sands Beach on the Lost Coast

Whitethorn, California

Black Sands Beach, and all of the Lost Coast, is almost indescribable in its ruggedness and beauty.

315 Saves

Backpack The Lost Coast: Mattole to Black Sands Beach

Petrolia, California

This is an absolutely stunning 25 mile thru-hike on the northern part of California's coast. To accomplish this hike, you'll either need to bring 2 cars or use a shuttle service.

835 Saves

Northern Mendocino Camping and Surf Adventure

Westport, California

I know it can be difficult to find access and opportunities to camp for free on the beach. Look no further, Blues Beach is off the beaten path and offers year round surf and free camping.

195 Saves

Winter Summit Black Butte

Mount Shasta, California

Note: February thru early March are great times to climb it for a winter ascent without snowshoes. If there is no snow seen from the south (e.g.

32 Saves

Camp at Nickel Creek

Crescent City, California

First, check in at the Crescent City Ranger Information Center in Crescent City to pick up your free backcountry permit and get permission to park your car at the Crescent City Beach Education Center.

144 Saves

Hike to the top of South Fork Mountain

Shasta County, California

Starting from the Kanaka Peak Trailhead, follow the Kanaka Peak Trail all the way, continuing on past the Peltier Trail Junction and the Kanaka Cutoff Trail Junction until the trail begins to head ea.

46 Saves

Hike Kanaka Peak

Shasta County, California

Head to the Peltier Bridge Campground after entering Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and then go 1.1 miles along the road through the campground until you reach the trailhead for Kanaka Peak.

52 Saves

Hike to Wahclella Falls

Cascade Locks, Oregon

This is a very short and fairly easy, 1 mile in – 1 mile out, hike with a little bit of elevation gain.

877 Saves

Backpack to the Canyon Creek Lakes

Junction City, California

Numerous starting points with over 550 miles of trail and easily 50+ different featured trails depending on length and what type of activity you are are looking for.

350 Saves

Hike to Middle McCloud Falls

McCloud, California

Just 4 hours north of San Francisco, McCloud Falls offers a quick hike and swimming hole for those looking for something less crowded than Burney Falls.

676 Saves

Visit the Cape Point Lighthouse

Cape Town, South Africa

This adventure starts at the Cape Point parking lot, from where one can also begin other adventures.

46 Saves

Explore Noordhoek Beach

Cape Town, South Africa

The northernmost part of Noordhoek Beach that touches the jagged rocks of Chapman's Peak is the more scenic place to start exploring (see map location for directions to the north parking lot).

34 Saves

Snowshoe to Snow Lake

Leavenworth, Washington

Summer is a great time to visit Snow Lake, but you will miss out on the true beauty of the area and the reason for its namesake.

248 Saves

Shark Diving in Gaansbai

Cape Town, South Africa

Although this adventure usually takes place in Gaansbai (due to the higher percentage of Great Whites in the water there), you typically will be picked up in Cape Town at a hotel or hostel by the tou.

39 Saves

Visit the Slangkop Lighthouse

Cape Town, South Africa

After parking in the dirt parking lot, you can simply walk over to the lighthouse (if it's open) and talk to the kind staff there who might let you in for a peek (or a small fee).

17 Saves

Rock Climb/Highline/Mountain Bike Avery Drive

Sand Springs, Oklahoma

An area off Avery Drive near Sand Springs, OK has 25-35 foot cliffs with bolted sport climbing routes and bolts to rig a highline.

3 Saves

Watch the Sunset at Signal Hill

Cape Town, South Africa

This is a much easier and less adventurous sunset trip than hiking up Lions Head to watch the sunset, so it's better suited for families with small children or folks who aren't too keen on wild adven.

38 Saves

Hike to Diaz Beach

Cape Town, South Africa

After parking at the Cape Point parking lot, simply take the small unpaved path that leads south towards the ocean.

32 Saves

Hike to the top of Chapman's Peak

Cape Town, South Africa

Starting from the trailhead on Chapman's Peak Drive (one of the most scenic drives in the world), simply follow the trail up as it gradually climbs up east toward a 4-junction.

36 Saves

Hike up Table Mountain, Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

After parking at the lot near the Platteklip Gorge trailhead, start hiking south up the path.

122 Saves

Hike up Devil's Peak

Cape Town, South Africa

Starting from the parking lot on Tafelberg Road, simply head south from the trailhead and follow the path as it meanders up multiple switchbacks.

43 Saves

Snorkel at Elephant Beach

South Andaman, India

Assuming that you made the ferry from Port Blair to Havelock Island, the best way to reach the trailhead would be to either rent a bicycle ($2/day typically) or a scooter/motorcycle ($8/day) and peda.

36 Saves

Explore the Devils Punchbowl Arch

Otter Rock, Oregon

Devils Punchbowl State Park is located just off of Highway 101.

581 Saves

Explore the Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Newport, Oregon

The Yaquina Head Natural Area is home to the historic 93 ft tall Yaquina Head lighthouse, built in 1872.

351 Saves