• Colombia
  • Colombia

    Forget everything you thought you knew about Colombia. Colombia has blossomed into one of the most inviting and interesting countries to travel in South America. The people are friendly, the prices are cheap, and there is an incredible variety of trekking, climbing, ecosystems and landscapes to discover. From trekking in Los Nevados to climbing at La Mojarra, there is so much to discover.

    Top Spots in and near Colombia

    • Santa Marta, Colombia

      Hike to El Pueblito

      1.5 mi / 1968.5 ft gain
      There are several ways to master this hike, as a point to point hike from the main road or as as out and back solution. I will describe e point to point hike from El Cabo out to the main road. The hike starts right in El Cabo de San Juan. After a 5 minutes walk on flat terrain, the boulders are s...
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    • Barichara, Colombia

      Walk the Camino Real from Barichara to Guane

      6.2 mi
      The Real is about a 10km hike, beginning in Barichara, and ending in the town of Guane. It winds along the hillsides and along a beautiful canyon; a cobblestone path bordered by stone walls and lush green countryside. Originally built by the indigenous Guane people, it was most recently restored ...
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    • Calima, Colombia

      Camp at Lago di Calima

      Lago di Calima is a great spot for a quick get away. It is very windy and bring grea conditions for wind and kite surfers. If water isn't your element, take the bike for a tour around the lake or just chill and enjoy the scenery. There are several camping spots around the lake. I stayed at campin...
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    • Villa de Leyva, Colombia

      Explore the backcountry of Villa de Leyva by bike

      18.6 mi / 1312.3 ft gain
      The trip starts at the immense main square in Villa de Leyva. Leave the square at the North-eastern corner. After a quarter mile the cobblestone street transitions into asphalt. Cross the little bridge and leave the city behind you. Be aware that you will need to share the road with cars and sinc...
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    • Cali, Colombia

      Hike up to Cerro de la Tres Cruces

      4 mi / 1509.2 ft gain
      The Cerro de la Tres Cruces is a great hike that gets your heart rate pumping. We have been advised to do this hike on Sunday mornings since this is the time when most locals do it. You won't have the trail for yourself, but there is an increased police presence at this time. If you go at another...
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    • Santa Marta, Colombia

      Camp at the Beach in Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona

      6 mi
      There are two main entrances to Tayrona National Park; one on the western side and one on the eastern. The eastern entrance outside the town of Zaino leads to the path to Cabo. At the entrance, there are several small shops selling snacks, water, sunscreen, and other essentials. Just 100 yards in...
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    • Salento, Colombia

      Bike to the Valle de Cocora

      12.4 mi / 3280.8 ft gain
      Yes, you are right. There are jeeps leaving the city center of Salento to bring you to Valle de Cocora, but it is a very beautiful ride if you decide to take it slow and bike there instead. You will have beautiful views of The Valley with their unique palm trees and will be able to stop at places...
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    • Santa Marta, Colombia

      Camp at Cabo San Juan in Tayrona National Park

      5 mi / 200 ft gain
      If you're in Northern Colombia, you've probably heard of Tayrona National Park because of it's lush greenery, stunning turquioise water and relative ease to get to for tourists. From Santa Marta just tell anyone working at your hostel you want to go to Tayrona and they will direct you to the merc...
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    • Sapzurro, Colombia

      Hike across the border to La Miel

      0.7 mi / 229.7 ft gain
      Grab your swimming gear and your towel and walk to the Northern end of Sapzurro. Turn left into town and you will see signs posted for Le Miel. It's a couple of concrete stairs up (appr. 10min) and you got the border control. Make sure you bring your passport. On the other side it goes concrete s...
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    • Santa Cruz, Colombia

      Hike to Laguna Verde

      8.3 mi / 1640.4 ft gain
      The hike starts at the official parking lot at 3600m altitude. From here you start your hike and walk 6km uphill winding through the hills up to 4000m altitude. At the highest point, you can find a lonely tent where you can buy Agua de Panela and cheese if you need to warm up (these are two thing...
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    • Capurgana, Colombia

      Hike from Capurgana to Sapzurro

      3 mi / 656.2 ft gain
      Start your hike in Capurgana at the soccer field. Take the road that leaves at the corner between the soccer field and the right side of the airfield strip to walk towards the North. After a couple of minutes you will see Panaderia Carolina on the right side. Turn left here and the next street ri...
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    • Medellín, Colombia

      Bike to Pueblito Paisa and catch the sunset

      1.5 mi / 450 ft gain
      Medellin is developing more and more infrastructure that make it safe to bike around the city, it is a great way to discover the different neighborhoods. On your way you should definitely make the short climb up Cerro Nutibara.  There are two different entrances to the hill, personally I prefer t...
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    • Santa Marta, Colombia

      Surfing at Costeno Beach

      Costeno Beach is approximately 2km from the main road to Tayrona. If you don't have your own vehicle, there will be moto taxis that bring you down to the beach. The easiest is if you access the beach via the Costeno Beach Hostel. If you don't want to stay for the night, just register as walk in g...
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    • Villavieja, Colombia

      Hiking Los Hoyos

      1.2 mi / 328.1 ft gain
      Los Hoyos is a rather easy hiking loop through a river bed, featuring various sights along the way. You can park the car at the Los Hoyos swimming pool and start your hike descending the steps, passing by the pool and continuing into the dried out river bed. Make a left turn and follow the orange...
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    • Cabo de La Vela, Colombia

      Kitesurf in Cabo de la Vela

      Cabo de la Vela is not an easy access if you don't own your own 4x4. Take a collectivo from Riohacha (tell the driver where you're headed to) and change into a 4x4 in Uribia to get to Cabo de la Vela. If you're several people you might also be able to negotiate a good deal right away as the trip ...
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    • San Rafael, Colombia

      Stroll along the river

      4 mi / 328.1 ft gain
      It's a nice walk along the river stream. Drive out of San Rafael into the hills, be aware tus becomes a dirt road that is manageable by a normal car in normal weather conditions. Park at La Cristalina for 5000 COP (you can also overnight camp here in your car for the same price) and start walking...
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