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Get away from the buzzing towns and spend a weekend at windy Lago di Calima

Lago di Calima is a great spot for a quick get away. It is very windy and bring grea conditions for wind and kite surfers. If water isn't your element, take the bike for a tour around the lake or just chill and enjoy the scenery.

There are several camping spots around the lake. I stayed at camping "Zone Berlin", a simple campground for 13.000 COP pP per night. They also offer already pitched tents. There are several places where you can rent surfing equipment and book lessons if that's what you have in mind.

If you pass by the little town Darien make sure to get the fresh juice. If you enter the town from the west, follow the street as the cars go, it turns into a one way street at a certain point. Right before you see the D1 supermarket turn left, go up two blocks and you will see a sign on the right for jugo naturales. Enter the small alley and you will meet a very nice grandpa and get a liter of fresh juice to reward you after your bike ride

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