Hike up to Cerro de la Tres Cruces

4 Miles Round Trip - 1509.2 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

Cerro de la Tres Cruces - Search Nearby - Added by Friederike Kosche

Get out of the city and hike with the locals on Sunday morning and check out Cali from above

The Cerro de la Tres Cruces is a great hike that gets your heart rate pumping. We have been advised to do this hike on Sunday mornings since this is the time when most locals do it. You won't have the trail for yourself, but there is an increased police presence at this time. If you go at another time or day please be advised that the hike goes through districts which are not the safest in Cali.

The hike starts on a road inbetween houses on a paved road. Please be careful, you are sharing the windy road with cars and motorbikes that are not exactly slowing down for you. After appr. 1/4 of a mile the rocky hiking trail starts on your right.

There are several forks on the way, but in the end all paths lead to the top. I took the straight way up and stayed right at the forks. The trail is very steep and mostly rocky so that you might want to use your hands at some parts. It's fun, but I wouldn't suggest to do it when it rains as the path might become extremely slippery. 

There are several water stations on the way. Also, on top there are juice stands and you should definitely bring some pesos for a refreshment while enjoying the 360 view of the city.


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4 Miles
1509.2 ft elevation gain
Out-and-Back Trail

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