Hike the Takesi Trail

The Takesi trail is a 40km section of the Inca trail that covers some of the most diverse landscapes in the region, and has significant pre-columbian history that will keep you engaged the entire tim.

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Hike Chacaltaya

Just a short drive from La Paz, Chacaltaya makes for a perfect short day hike if you are visiting Bolivia’s high altitude capital.

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Hike Pico Austria

This hike could be done on your own if you can find transportation to the trailhead (about three hours outside of La Paz).

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Explore Isla del Sol

Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world at 12,507 feet, which is spread across the Bolivian and Peruvian altiplano (high plains).

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Hike the Golden Throne

Capitol Reef National Park is filled with excellent hikes, and the hike to the Golden Throne should not be left out of the conversation.

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Hike the Chimney Rock Loop, Capitol Reef NP

From the trailhead, the trek starts off pretty step. You will reach a fork near the top of the plateau which starts the official loop. At the junction go left (counterclockwise).

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Camp in Capitol Reef National Park

From Interstate 70, the road can be accessed from the west just a few miles from Highway 6, and from the east just near the town of Richfield.

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Hike in the Upper Muley Twist Canyon

This hike is by far my favorite trail I've been on. To begin, you access Upper Muley Twist Canyon Road from the top of the Burr Trail Road switchbacks.

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Hike the Whiteside Mountain Loop

Whiteside Mountain is simply breathtaking, there is no way around it.  Views of the mountain from the South expose its sheer granite face, which runs almost its entire length East-to-West.

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Hike the Arkaquah Trail to Brasstown Bald

The Arkaquah Trail is unique as far as North Georgia trails go for any reasons.  Its elevation gain and distance puts it near the top for most challenging day hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

39 Saves

Hike the West Overlook Trail and CCC Stone Tower Trail Loop

Fort Mountain State Park is filled with horse trails, biking trails, walking trails, camping sites, and a lake. Once you arrive at the park you pay a $5 entrance fee and will receive a park map.

280 Saves

Hike the Gahuti Trail

Fort Mountain rises prominently from the plateau to the West, serving as the start of the Blue Ridge Mountain range in Georgia.

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Hike to Table Rock Mountain

While the Piedmont Foothills may sound deceptive, this is no easy trail. The first two miles of the Table Rock Trail take you soaring through the trees at a rapid pace.

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Explore Tumbling Rock Cave

As Tumbling Rock Cave is a private property owned and controlled by SCCI, a permit is required to access the cave.

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Hike and Swim Twin Falls

For a portion of this 3-mile hike, you'll trek next to the South Fork Snoqualmie River, so take in the peaceful sound of the river running.

912 Saves

Hike to Marymere Falls

Marymere Falls (90 ft.) is located in Olympic National Park, near Lake Crescent.

555 Saves

Bouldering Granite City

At the foot of Blackrock Mountain just outside of Highlands, North Carolina, lies one of the most unique and secluded natural playgrounds around.

35 Saves

Hike to Tioga Falls

Recently the trail to Tioga Falls has re-opened even though they are still doing trail restoration. This is short little 1.

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Hike to Siler Bald from Wayah Gap

The Appalachian Trail does not need a lot of hype beyond its existing legendary status.  However, there are certain parts of it that do stand out as being a little extra special.

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Explore Dry Falls, North Carolina

Dry Falls is located off of Hwy. 64, which has been designated as the Mountain Waters Scenic Byway, and the road does not disappoint. Hwy.

349 Saves

Hike to Panther Creek Falls, Georgia

Park at the Panther Creek Recreation Area. The fee to park here is $4. There is extra parking alongside the road if the parking lot is full.

423 Saves

Hike to Minnehaha Falls

Despite their beauty, not many hikers know about Minnehaha Falls. Even more shocking, these are some of the most accessible falls in all of North Georgia.

300 Saves

Hike to Anna Ruby Falls

The hike to Anna Ruby Falls located in the Chattahoochee National Forest, bordering and often mistaken for being located in Unicoi State Park, begins at the Anna Ruby Falls Visitor Center.

446 Saves

Hike to Fall Creek Falls

Fall Creek Falls State Park is sprawled across the eastern top of the rugged Cumberland Plateau.

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