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​Though this climbing area is small, it's an unused gem holding ultimate off-the-beaten-path-ness and the views of the countryside will leave you swooning for Spanish climbing.

This climbing area has about 50 routes ranging from 4c to 8b (equivalent to 5.6 to 5.13c), but the crag is extremely picturesque and secluded.  All routes are sport and the rock is barely-used, sticky limestone.

The Approach:

From the main highway, A-8, exit toward Ziebena/Gallarta.  Follow signs for the N-634 until you see signs for Galdames where you'll make a slight left.  After another 3 1/2 miles, you'll make another left and cross the river.  Another mile and you make one last left toward the natural reserve and Escarpada Etxadia.  You'll see a cottage looking bar/restaurant on your left and dirt road to the right, follow that dirt road all the way to the top where it ends at a building that looks like a church.  (Coordinates: 43.270802, -3.106070.)   Park there, and walk back down the road for a few seconds and instead of continuing down the road's switchback, continue straight down the wide dirt trail past a ruined building. After a short 5-10 minutes you'll end at Mirador de "El Katilu" and a sign marking a hiking trail.  Here you'll see two crags, one to the right and one to the left.  

Click here to see the free online guidebook with route grades and pictures (note: the text is all in Basque but it still helps find routes).  

Afterward, head back to that nice, rustic bar and restaurant you passed earlier.  It has really rad outdoor seating with insane views of the valley as well as pintxos and refreshing drinks. This area is also huge for mountain biking so if you can get your hands on a mountain bike I highly recommend partaking. 

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