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    Looking for the best chillin in Greece? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Greece. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Chillin Spots in and near Greece

    • Emporios, Greece

      Cliff Dive at Mavra Volia Beach

      Picture a desolate place tucked away from time. If you are looking for some peace of mind and serenity, Mavra Volia is magic. Follow a narrow road just past the harbor of Emporios and you will find this black pebble beach. The pebbles were created by lava from the now dormant volcano, Psaronas. ...
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    • Rhodes, Greece

      Jumping off the Diving Block off Elli Beach

      Located just off Elli Beach, is a three tiered diving block. It is visible from the beach, and definitely expect to be out there with some locals! I was there in the middle of summer and did not find it to be over-crowded, but if you went early morning/late afternoon it would be easier to captur...
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    • Paleochora, Greece

      Motorbike From Paleochora to Sougia

      First off, if you're traveling to Crete I suggest staying on the South side of the island in a town called Paleochora. It gives you an authentic feel of Greece without sacrificing some key amenities. It's also a great starting pointing to rent a motorbike and see some of the other areas of the is...
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    • Naxos, Greece

      Hike Mount Zas

      4 mi / 3300 ft gain
      The birth place for the God Zeus, you enter through the easier part of the mountain called Aria Spring/Cave of Zeus. Getting there from the center of Naxos is about a 12 kilometer 4wheeler ride to the base of the mountain. Travelling is very easy, there are signs up in English to point you in the...
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    • Chania, Greece

      Hike the Imbros Gorge

      6.8 mi / 2132.5 ft gain
      Imbros Gorge is one of the many gorges that can be found in the White Mountains sierra at the south-western part of the island of Crete, Greece. The gorge is part of the E4 European hiking path and it is easily accessible and properly marked. The name of the gorge comes from the village that mar...
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    • Fokida, Greece

      Visit the Archeological Site of Delphi

      In ancient Greece, Delphi was regarded as the centre of the world. The sanctuary of Delphi, was for many centuries the cultural and religious centre and symbol of unity for the Hellenic world. The history of Delphi begins in prehistory and in the myths of the ancient Greeks. Initially, the sacred...
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    • Avlemonas, Greece

      Swim at Avlemonas

      Avlemonas is a small fishing village in the island of Kythira. The picturesque village with the white houses is built around a small inlet of the sea in the rocks that forms a kinda of natural sea pool. The waters are amazing, turquoise and crystal clear and because of the inlet the are always ca...
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    • Nisi, Greece

      Hike to Kalami beach

      0.9 mi
      Kalami beach is one of the most secluded beaches in the island of Kythera. The reason that this amazing beach remains secluded is because it takes considerable effort to get there - at least for people who are not into hiking. From the village of Mylopotamos you take the small road towards the mo...
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    • Milos, Greece

      Swim at Sarakiniko

      Sarakiniko beach is one of the most unique beaches in Milos island. Don't expect to see a sandy beach or something like that. Sarakiniko is landscape formed by white volcanic rocks with complete absence of vegetation, making the whole scenery look like a lunar landscape. It is located on the nort...
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    • Feres, Greece

      Explore the Wetlands of the Delta of Evros River

      Evros is the river that marks the borders between Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. Its delta is an extensive wetland that is one of the most important wetlands in Europe. It is the refuge for a large number of bird species and especially for wintering birds and those that use it as a migration statio...
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    • Kastraki, Greece

      Explore Meteora

      In Central Greece lies an area where enormous columns of rock rise from the ground. The area is called Meteora, which in greek means "suspended in space". The vertical rocks are an amazing and unbelievable sight to witness and can be seen from miles away. Even more impressive to the geology of t...
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    • 36.650691,24.332669, Greece

      Sail to Kleftiko Beach

      At the southwest end of Milos island lies an extraordinary beach named Kleftiko. Kleftiko is by no means a beach in its typical definition but a unique landscape formed by a cluster of volcanic rocks standing above turquoise waters. Kleftiko owes its name to the pirates that were using it as a p...
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    • Karavas, Greece

      Walk to Amir Ali Springs

      On the northern side of the island of Kythera, lies the village of Karavas. It is one of the greenest areas of the island as a result of multiple water springs in the area. Once you enter the village, head for one of its older and most beautiful neighborhoods, Mavrogiorgianika, and from there the...
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    • Evros, Greece

      Hike to the natural swimming pools of Fonias

      4.3 mi
      Samothrace is a small island in the northern Aegean sea. It is mostly mountainous with the highest peak reaching up to 1671m of altitude. The island is full of springs and small rivers and it is famous for its vathres. "Vathres" are how the locals call the natural pools that are formed throughout...
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    • Chania, Greece

      Explore Balos Lagoon

      0.6 mi
      The lagoon of Balos is located on the northwestern end of Crete and it is probably one of the most famous beaches in Crete. Famous for its turquoise waters and an impressive surrounding landscape that includes mountains and small islands, it is visited by thousands of tourists each year. The lago...
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    • Chania, Greece

      Hike to Seitan Limania Beach

      0.6 mi
      Seitan Limania is one tiny secluded beach with turquoise waters surrounded by an amazing landscape. Until recently, almost nobody knew it and even fewer people visited it - most of them with boats. But with the rising of social media, this small paradise became one of the most photographed and so...
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