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An extraordinary white volcanic rock beach

Sarakiniko beach is one of the most unique beaches in Milos island. Don't expect to see a sandy beach or something like that. Sarakiniko is landscape formed by white volcanic rocks with complete absence of vegetation, making the whole scenery look like a lunar landscape.

It is located on the northern part of Milos and it takes its name from the Sarakines pirates that used it as a base. If you search carefully, you may still recognize the places where they moored their ships.

The waters are crystal clear and diving is a magic experience. There is a tiny sand beach from where you may dive, but you can also dive from the rocks. However, it should be noted that when strong wings from the north blow, diving may not be as pleasant and you should be careful when approaching the edge of the rocks. It is really worthy to bring diving equipment so that you can see the bottom of the sea.

You can reach Sarakiniko by either car or public transportation. There is a parking lot where you may leave your car and at the parking lot you will also find a small canteen. The beach is some 200m away from there (the trail is clear) and you will not find any kind of facilities, therefore you have to bring whatever you want with you. As mentioned above, there is absolutely no kind of vegetation so you wont find any shade at the beach.

Because of the white color of the landscape and the sea, it is also amazing to be there during full moon.

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