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  • Klima
  • Klima, Greece

    Top Spots in and near Klima

    • Klima, Greece

      Photograph the Colorful Village of Klima

      Klima is a rather unique fishing village in the island of Milos because of its architecture. It is built in a way that the houses seem to be so close to the sea that the water almost gets in. The specific architecture is called "Syrmata" and the ground floor that is almost in the sea used to hous...
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    • Milos, Greece

      Swim at Sarakiniko

      Sarakiniko beach is one of the most unique beaches in Milos island. Don't expect to see a sandy beach or something like that. Sarakiniko is landscape formed by white volcanic rocks with complete absence of vegetation, making the whole scenery look like a lunar landscape. It is located on the nort...
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    • 36.650691,24.332669, Greece

      Sail to Kleftiko Beach

      At the southwest end of Milos island lies an extraordinary beach named Kleftiko. Kleftiko is by no means a beach in its typical definition but a unique landscape formed by a cluster of volcanic rocks standing above turquoise waters. Kleftiko owes its name to the pirates that were using it as a p...
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