Motorbike From Paleochora to Sougia

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If you're staying on the South side of Crete this is an amazing way to see a bit of the interior and the beautiful coast. The route is 32kms long and takes you from Paleochora through mountains, past ancient monasteries, and ends in the beach town of Sougia.

First off, if you're traveling to Crete I suggest staying on the South side of the island in a town called Paleochora. It gives you an authentic feel of Greece without sacrificing some key amenities. It's also a great starting pointing to rent a motorbike and see some of the other areas of the island. For this trip in particular it starts in Paleochora and ends in Sougia, another beautiful beach town on the island.

I have the starting part marked on the map as Notos Rent A Car where we rented the scooter (20 Euros). My directions will take you from this point to the beach in Sougia. Unless you have plans to stay in Sougia, you'll obviously have to do the trip in reverse to return the rental by the end of the day.

From Notos Rent A Car you will head Northeast for 3kms out of the city until you reach Epar.Od. Tavronitis-Paleochoras. Here you will take a sharp right and start heading up a pretty steep road for 7.2kms. Then you will come to another sharp left in the road, but the road will be unmarked. The only other way you could go would be down a dirt road, so don't go that way, continue left on the paved road. Stay on this road for another 5.2kms. It's a rather windy road and you will see a few dirt roads breaking off, but remember to always use the paved road as your guide. You will see signs for monasteries along the way which are pretty cool to check out if you have time to make pitstops. After the 5.2kms you'll turn right on Epar.Od. Kandanou-Temenias. Continue another 5.2kms until you get to a slight T in the road. To the left there will be a sign for Xavia and to the right for Sougia. Continue on to the right towards Sougia for another 3.3kms until you continue straight as the road turns into Epar.Od. Chanion - Sougias. After another 4.7kms continue straight as the road turns into Papaderou. From here the road leads you straight to the beach in another 2.4kms.

Once you reach Sougia there are beautiful beach side cafes to get drinks and food and there's a coast line you can explore. This was an unforgettable motorbike that you'll be sure to enjoy!

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A nice ride

It is a nice ride to go from Paleochora to Sougia. The landscapes that you will encounter are nice and while the road is not the best, this is not a road with a lot of traffic, so you will generally be able to enjoy it. My recommendation though would be to be very cautious as the road intersects with many dirt roads so it is possible to encounter trucks from farmers or livestock that come and go.

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