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I'm basically awesome, more basic though

I want to fish...now

Tips: Reserve hours: 7am-sunset. No dogs/horses/bicycles/picnics on trail.

I've always wanted to hike into the backwoods and fish for the day/ weekend

if it's still hot out, why not?!?!?

Since the weather is so good, I'm in.

Exercise and beer...umm, yes.

Drew and team are amazing, can't wait to do this.

I'm in!

I've always wanted to climb at Stinson, so why not BBQ as well


Beverages aren't legal, per se, but bring them!

This was actually so much fun...really. Grab a beverage and make it happen. If it's the weekend, get there early, parking can get crazy.

always wanting to clean up...especially the beach/ ocean

I've done this hike, so I can't wait to get the toes wet

this looks insane!

If you get the right bounce off the rocks, this place can be super fun

You can sometimes get the evening glass-off, so don't count OB out!

beautiful view from the top at sunset

a crazy rip on an outgoing tide, be careful.

Bud is a great surfer and an even better instructor, get with him.

I can't wait to do this

if you don't go early (pre 6am) wait until after 8:30am...you will be alone

if you don't have a state park pass, bring some $1 bills

watch out for cars...and tourists