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I'm basically awesome, more basic though

I agree with Guffey, there are a few gems around here that offer some amazing views...just tread lightly

If you're looking for a rad getaway from the city and to chill out on the beach, seriously, this is the jam!

This is my home beach, home stretch and you won't find a better place on earth to run, swim, surf or workout...the run from here to Swamis is perfect

Hands down the best camping in North County SD (besides Carlsbad maybe)...has everything you need, plus Bull Taco for some really good food

although the walk down and the views are amazing, the waves aren't for the timid or beginners. be prepared to take a pounding if the waves are big.

this is really a great little oasis...and if you have a "water dog" this is a great spot to teach them how to fetch in the water

It's not that tough, so if you know anyone that is new to "hiking" this is a great intro

Tiffany has the best photos of this place...whether you're there to surf, snorkel, dive or just hang out, it's a gem in La Jolla.

If you can rent a SUP/ kayak, this is a magical spot, if not, taking the stairs down is still a great little hike...go during the week to find better parking

There are plenty of places to park and enjoy the sunset. Just bring your camera, some snacks and find a little place all to yourself. The farther in you go (towards the campus) the more secluded it will be...hopefully

hard to imagine but this little pocket of awesomeness is so removed from everything else, it's hard to imagine you are in San Diego. Go here after work (before the time changes) and you'll be so happy you did.

There's an awesome park and lake right by the trailhead, so pack a cooler and sandwiches and enjoy them after the hike

If you time it right, with a low tide in the evening, this can be a great place for amazing downtown SD views

Not long but challenging...bring plenty of water and good shoes

It can get super hot, bring water

Couldn't believe how amazing this was

cold at night, hot during the day but so peaceful and awesome. definitely dessert and some amazing star gazing.


you can still bring beverages

This isn't a crazy adventure by any means...it's super simple and yet that's what makes it so cool. A beautiful view and a cool swing, what else do you need. If you're in La Jolla on a clear day, do this!

The bad: it can be extremely crowded, so waiting to "go up" can take a very long time. Depending on the time of year, the heat can be pretty extreme, so start early to avoid direct sunlight on the initial incline. The good: amazing views of the entire valley. Teetering on edge and using the ropes to scale the side is a thrill and kinda fun. Seeing both sides of the park while summiting is really cool. All in all, this is a great day hike that shouldn't take more than 5 hrs. to do. Also, feel free to take a victory dip in the river on the way out.

Probably one of my most memorable hiking/ repelling experiences. The trail is a little hard to find in some spots at the beginning, so definitely bring a map (or GPS if you have it, but make sure it's waterproof). But once you settle in, the hike is relatively easy and the scenery is amazing. Bring your repelling gear for at least 2 sections (some other's can be circumnavigated) and just be prepared for adventure. The pools are great, the ambiance is fantastic and it's just a freaking great overall hike. Warning though, be very mindful of the weather, don't even attempt if rain is in the forecast!!!

solid day hike. bring supplies and a good camera and you'll be stoked.

This is a mid-level 2-3 day trip, but just super fun and mellow and great for your intro into overnight trekking

Nothing too major, just a fun shoreline walk/ run to get the blood flowing