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I'm basically awesome, more basic though

It's not a long/ difficult hike by any means but the views are incredible. From Strands/Salt Creek all the way to the Dana Point Harbor and San Clemente you can see it all. It's sandy so you can't bring strollers but definitely family friendly.

The views you get of this coastline are incredible. You may even see a dolphin or a whale. Just try and go on the earlier side to avoid any wind.

With the food trucks from Sharks' Cove, Foodland, etc. right there and the calmness of the water (unless there's a winter swell) this is an amazing place for the whole family to relax, picnic, go in the water and enjoy the sand/ beach. Remember to pick up your trash and any that you see - mahalo.

Even if you're not staying at T-bay, this is a cool little stroll around the property over to Kawela and gives you access to some pristine little beaches and places to jump in the water.

JTree is great since it doesn't take that long to get there (SoCal) and once you are there, it's a whole other world. Cold at night but the stars are great.

If it's a nice day, be prepared for the crowds, but you'll definitely see the most peaceful and amazing turtles!!! Bring a camera and some snacks.

This place is perfect for a weekend getaway with your significant other or a group of friends. Just enough amenities so you're not roughing it too much, but definitely "out-there" and secluded. The owners and workers are super friendly and there are awesome hikes all around the property. All in all a homerun of a place...definitely GO!

It's deceptively steep but short and quick. Definitely worth the sweat for the views...bring plenty of water.

Grab your camera, a tripod and remote sensor if you have it and be prepared for some amazing colors.

Besides possibly seeing a naked person or two, this is a great way down to Blacks. With a clearly defined trail, big steps and a great view, plus ample parking. This is a great local workout.

This place is so clutch, basically across the street from Foodland and one of the best places on the north shore to see marine wildlife when the surf is flat. You can rent all your gear right there as well. So have fun and grab a poke bowl at Pupukea Grill afterwards.

Ala Moana is such a fun, rippable peak right on the north end of town. Bring some sunblock, some water for afterwards, and just have a blast. Under 5ft. and you'll be stoked...over that and watch out for the locals, they'll be dominating. Remember to smile and give the aloha spirit.

This place brings in a ton of swell, if everywhere is flat, this place will have something to ride...and you can sometimes find a peak all to yourself

It's a great trail, just be careful after a rain or early morning when it's wet out, it can get super slippery in spots.

I'm sure everyone has seen the photos of this place (although Stephen's photos are amazing) but it's worth every minute. Parking can be tough and it may be crowded at certain times, but stop, go, walk and be amazed.


This wave gets world class, just make sure to check the swell before you go and know your ability level.


Not for the faint of heart once you get to Taft Point, it's a sheer wall straight down. But the views are amazing and the hike itself is moderate to say the least. Go for sunrise or sunset. Definitely worth it!

The trail starts off pretty steep but once it levels out (for a bit) and then continues with ups and downs you'll have a great workout and some really awesome views. Bring water and some sunblock on a hot day and decent trail shoes. Lung burner for sure.

Such a great little gem right up the road (north) from Torrey Pines. You can park on the side of the road and meander down to your own little cliff side spot. Bring a blanket/ jacket and make a picnic or grab a burrito or pizza from the near by restaurants and watch the sunset.

All of these reviews are correct, this place is awesome, water-shoes aren't a must but definitely help, and you can spend almost an entire day here exploring and swimming and jumping everywhere.

Such an awesome little gem of a beach right before you get into the NP. You can grab some fresh coconut water, mangos or guava and just relax on the beach and watch the surf. It's great at sunrise too.

Just down from the famous Tamarindo Beach, this is another gem for surfing and relaxing. It can get crowded, so just respect everyone, say hello and enjoy the punchy beach-break.

It's strenuous, it's long and it can be crowded...but hot damn it's worth it!!! Bring plenty of water and snacks. And a camera.

This is something that I'd highly recommend, even if it's just to get out for a few hours 😊