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Thanks Javier, just updated that and thanks for all the great info!!!

Such a great little beach break, that at times can have some power, but is usually super playful and fun. Make sure to smile and say hi to everyone, take your turn and you will end up having the time of your life. The water is warm (not super blue) but it will wash away any stress you have and you'll catch a wave you'll always remember.

Piha is a sleepy little beach town that has the quintessential NZed vibe, feel, people and experience. Get there early, go for a swim/ surf (be mindful of the tides/ current) then have a picnic and be prepared to be amazed by the sunsetting on Lion Rock. Heck, even climb up it and see it from there.

This place has it all: amazing water, white sand, fantastic views, good hikes, great sunsets...yeah, all of it and the surf around here is pretty incredible too. A must do if you are in NZed!!!

"The Mount" is such a great little beach town and this hike will give you amazing views (as these photos show). Bring your swimsuit (in the summer) and take a dip in the water on the way down.

Try and get here early since the parking seems a little tight, but you'll be well rewarded. Decent incline/ workout going up with a super well defined trail. At the top you'll see paragliders and views in every direction. Bring a snack and enjoy the scenery.

A great place to capture SoCal sunsets with TONS of parking and ample food all around. Don't be surprised to see dolphins.

Try and make sure the tide has just come up (high tide) to bring fresh water into the pools and you'll be pleasantly surprised. This place is perfect and right on the beach. It's definitely open to the public.

This is a super mellow gem in North County. Bring some water and hopefully the falls are falling, because this is a great hike for people of all ages and skill levels.

This is a great local hike

super close to the city and yet it feels a million miles away. great day hike, just make sure there isn't too much fog!

Not for the faint of heart! Fins are a must and you'll have to be a pretty decent swimmer. Not for everyone.

super mellow, cruisey hike that you can do almost anytime. don't be scared of the wildlife!

make sure you know where you are walking/ jumping, don't slip and hurt yourself

Such a beautiful trail and a great way to get down to Blacks. Just be EXTREMELY careful as it's very slippery.

The hikes is worth the reward once you get here...simply amazing.

Like was mentioned already, leave no trace, pick up what you bring and even pick up what others have left. This place is great for an après ski soak. Be open minded.

Make sure there's some west in the swell for it to be really working.

Not for the faint of heart. Bring some fins and make it happen. Make sure you are a strong swimmer.

If you want to save some money, park down the hill by the lifeguard towers and then burn some calories walking up the road.

Great views of the city, good place to get a way from it all but still close...and when the weather is great, you'll see some characters

A little oasis in North County

Easy parking (in the fall/ winter) and an amazing view...if there's a little crowd it is totally worth it

yep, this place is magic, just bring enough water and snacks/ food and you'll be stoked!