Carter Clark

Educated in sustainable architecture. Working in photography and digital media. Living in a Panamanian jungle base camp. Wearing down shoes as quickly as I can.

Swim at the Paradise Pool in the Río Pacora

0.4 mi / 118.1 ft gain

Hike Tasman National Park to Fortescue Bay via Tasman Trail

11.99 mi / 1604.3 ft gain

Hike up the Mother Tree Tributary to Deep Water Soloing

3.7 mi / 508.5 ft gain

Hike Skull Rock Trail at Joshua Tree National Park

1.8 mi / 185 ft gain

Camp at Boy Scout Beach in Juneau

1.5 mi

Climb Wonder Wall at Potrero Chico

Hike Candy Mountain in Los Tres Brazos Valley

4.3 mi / 1256.6 ft gain

Hike to Viewpoint of Voss at Kolinseggi Summit

1.4 mi / 450 ft gain

Hike to the Observation Deck in Henry Cowell Redwoods SP

5 mi / 600 ft gain

Camp at Jaguar Falls in Los Tres Brazos

7.4 mi / 725.1 ft gain

Climb the Mana Wall in Boquete

Hike to "Boys Pool" in Los Tres Brazos

2.5 mi / 147.6 ft gain

Camp at La Posada next to Potrero Chico

Climb Virgin Canyon in Potrero Chico

Climb Los Lobos Canyon in Potrero Chico

Hike the Honey Creeper Trail in Los Tres Brazos

1.7 mi / 390.4 ft gain

Hike to Chieu Cave in Mai Chau

0.9 mi / 1200 ft gain

Camp near the Tessellated Pavement in Eaglehawk Neck

2.5 mi / 125 ft gain

Climb the Basalt in Boquete

Swim at Kehena Black Sand Beach


Climb the Avalon Crag in Boulder Canyon

Hike Mount Grant on San Juan Island

2 mi / 500 ft gain

Hike to Helvetestinden

2.5 mi / 1975.1 ft gain

Climb at the Hall of Horrors in Joshua Tree