Hike up the Mother Tree Tributary to Deep Water Soloing

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This tributary hosts the largest tree in the Los Tres Brazos Valley and the hike ends at a great climbing spot and swimming hole.

This hike starts at the Kalu Yala base camp. You will most likely be able to grab an outdoor rec or biology intern to go with you on this hike, but it is easy enough to find on your own.

From the main gate, go right onto the road, immediately taking you downhill to the Pacora River. Stay on the right to the right, until you have walked past the gate to Parque Pacora. You will reach the river, which you can cross by foot. Continue on the road for 2 km. You will start heading up the Mother Tree Tributary at the 2km mark. There is a barb wire gate with a hanging metal front covering the entrance to the tributary. This gate is easy to pass on the left hand side. It is also there to keep animals out, so no worries about crossing a closed gate. 

From here, you hike straight up the tributary for one kilometer. It will be boulder hopping and rock scrambling all the way up, so don't expect too fast of a pace. There are smaller splits in the waterways, but you stick to the largest vein the entire way up. After the kilometer hike, you end up at a great swimming hole with a little waterfall and some great deep water soloing on the left. 

Be aware of weather changes while on this hike. In the months of April - November, you should turn around at the first drop of rain to stay safe amongst the boulders and to be able to pass the Pacora River by foot to get back to base camp. It's a great, easy hike that really puts you in front of some amazing biodiversity. Enjoy! 

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Rock Climbing
Dog Friendly
Easy Parking
Picnic Area
Cliff Jumping
Swimming Hole


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