Swim at Kehena Black Sand Beach

Originally added by Carter Clark

Absolutely amazing black sand beach right outside of Pahoa. Stays pretty dry on the frequent rainy days too.

This beach lives up to Hawaii’s stunning fame. You can park in the curved area that is set away from the road, or along the street. Follow the little signs down the trail to the beach. It’s a bit of a scamper down some lava rocks to get there, so be careful. 

A highlight of this beach is that it is good even in the harsh rain, so if thats the case, you can tuck yourself back by the rock wall where there are some overhangs to keep your things dry. Otherwise, it’s your choice. The back area tends to be more crowded if a larger number of people are showing up, but clearly you can move about as often as you want. 

The angle of the beach makes it an amazing view once you’re out past the wave break. It seems as if you’re floating above the beach, looking down on where you just got into the water from. 

Especially after storms, the waves here can be absolutely brutal. It makes for amazing body surfing, but also worth paying attention to where rocks are and how the tides are pulling. 

If you walk up the cliffs on the far side of the beach, there are a handful of good fishing spots where you’re safe from the crashing waves. 

On Sundays, this spot is super popular, with lots of music being played and people mingling about. During the week it is extremely related, as we’ve often been the only people there for hours at a time. 

Sometimes there are group yoga sessions on the beach, which you can find out about in the town of Pahoa nearby. 

Also worth noting: people casually get naked here pretty often. I’ve never been made uncomfortable by anyone even though thats not my thing, but if you can’t handle it, it’s always a possibility here. 

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