Hike Candy Mountain in Los Tres Brazos Valley

Panamá, Panama



4.3 miles

Elevation Gain

1256.6 ft

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Added by Carter Clark

This hike takes you to the summit of Candy Mountain, overlooking the Mamoni Valley and the Pacific Ocean.

You start this hike from Kalu Yala's town center. You can find more information out about there and make bookings to camp with them here. From town center, you go out of the main gate and take a left. Follow the main road through three river crossings. Immediately after the third river crossing, there is a red and brown metal gate on your right hand side. Go through this gate (be sure to hook it closed again to keep cattle in or out) and follow the foot trial up and to the right. 

This trail will take you up the ridge until you reenter a forested area. When you hit the trees, you will pass through a gate. Here the path makes a T. You will continue up the mountain to the right instead of down another trail to the left. This trail weaves up another ridge, passing a gathering of sweet lemon trees on your left. When you get from a more calm forest to a much thicker jungle, the trail will split again. On the way up, you will go right at this fork. There is only one path, but having a machete with you is a good idea as it can be overgrown quickly, especially during rainy season. 

Once over the last aggressive incline (you will know), the path makes a T. Going right takes you to the edge of the trees, where you exit into the summit's pasture. Here you can wander around the top, overlooking the Mamoni Valley. Pay attention to your views, because you can usually see the Pacific Ocean from this spot. It is also a good idea to lay a few sticks where you exited the trail into the pasture because it can be difficult to find when you are reentering. 

After spending some time on the summit and head back to the trail, you will follow the trail straight where the last T was in your hike up. Two hundred meters beyond that split, the trail will take you down the aggressive slope. Here, make use of the jungle vines to keep your footing as you go downwards. It's some proper Tarzan shenanigans, so have fun with it. Once you wind your way down this part, you will rejoin the trail and follow your way back to Kalu Yala just as you came. 

This hike is a great introduction to primary forest and amazing jungles. It is one of the biodiversity hotspots of the world, so be sure to be on the look out for monkeys and birds galore. 

Staying at Kalu Yala, you will most likely take this hike with a biology or outdoor rec expert, making this hike an adventure with loads of information. As you become more familiar with these trails you'll realize there are endless to explore in the area. It's a truly spectacular spot to get your bearings in and take advantage of all that is has to offer.  

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