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The Best Fishing in Texas

Looking for the best fishing in Texas? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Texas. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top fishing spots in and near Texas

  • Galveston, Texas

    Explore Galveston Island State Park

    Galveston Island State Park is one of the several state parks in Texas offering coastline to the Gulf of Mexico. The park is good to visit during any time of the year, and offers several hiking, biking and paddling trails. In order to take advantage of the paddling trails you must bring your own ...
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  • Boerne, Texas

    Paddle Guadalupe River at Berghiem

    Drive up to Bergheim Campgrounds located at 103 White Water Rd Boerne, TX 78006 for a safe place to park your vehicles. From Here you can rent kayaks, canoes or bring your own and can even arrange a drop-off or pick-up shuttle.A short 3-mile paddle to Edge Falls road is a great afternoon adventu...
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  • Cedar Creek, Texas

    Pine Ridge Overlook

    2.95 mi
    Pine Ridge Overlook is one of the longest hikes at McKinney Roughs Nature Area offering 2.7 miles through piney woods that overlook valleys and offer glimpses of the Colorado River. McKinney Roughs is considered a nature and learning park and requires a $5 entrance fee per-person at the Visitor ...
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  • Austin, Texas

    Swim and Relax at Common's Ford Ranch

    Commons Ford is a lakefront park offering a boathouse that can be reserved, fishing, volleyball net and picnicking. Many people go to the park with the expectation of lounging on the large grassy area for many hours so be sure to pack food, blankets, sunscreen, and tubes if you plan to float in ...
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  • Princeton, Texas

    Hike Sister Groves Trail

    7.6 mi / 50 ft gain
    The parking area contains ample parking, bathrooms and covered picnic tables. The clearly marked trail head sits to the south of the circular parking area and welcomes hikers, trail-runners, mountain bikers, and dogs. The trail is a 7 mile loop that consists of 4 smaller trails that are clearly...
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  • Boerne, Texas

    Paddle the Guadalupe River at Sisterdale

    Take the short drive up to the friendly little town of Sisterdale to find the General Store. Here you can safely leave your vehicle, rent kayaks and arrange shuttles for your trip of choice. There are plenty of different stretches of river to fit any adventure from short day floats to multi-day k...
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  • Barton Creek Greenbelt: Trail 11, Texas

    Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail via Spyglass Trailhead

    3.03 mi / 128 ft gain
    Outside of the fantastic job market, one of the most magical things about Austin is how quickly you can go from city life to being immersed in nature. Nearly every day, I take a quick jaunt down to the Barton Creek Greenbelt with my trusty companion, Sage the Chocolate Lab. We live within walking...
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  • Zavalla, Texas

    Sawmill Trail

    4.3 mi / 371 ft gain
    Park in the circle in the Boykin Springs Recreation Area (see map) to access the trail. This is a dog-friendly trail that doesn't get crowded.
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  • McKinney, Texas

    Mountain Bike at Erwin Park

    8.25 mi / 40 ft gain
    Erwin Park is a single-track loop system designed for mountain biking which has drawn interest from trail runners and hikers, as there are tight turns, fast downhills, and technical sections of stacked logs.There are numerous parking lots for different entry points into the trail system. At the m...
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  • Spring Branch, Texas

    Hike the Guadalupe River State Park

    5 mi / 59 ft gain
    This trail is predominately used for hiking, trail running, horseback riding, and mountain biking. The Guadalupe River State Park trail is open to dog and horses. This hike is just outside of Spring Branch, Texas, and is accessible year round. Head to the state park website for updated trail info...
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  • Burnet, Texas

    Hike the Inks Lake State Park Trail

    4.7 mi / 347 ft gain
    The Inks Lake State Park Trail is a 4.7 mile loop trail located within Inks Lake State Park, just outside of Burnet, Texas. Only a small portion of the trail follows the lake, then it veers off through the rocky and hilly terrain of the Texas Hill Country. The trail is only partially shaded at ti...
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  • Bryan, Texas

    Hike or Bike the Lake Bryan Trail

    11.21 mi / 423 ft gain
    Park in the lot off of P4-746 (see map) to access the trail). You need $5 to access the lake trails. 
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  • Georgetown, Texas

    Hike the San Gabriel River Trail

    7.6 mi / 498 ft gain
    The San Gabriel River trailhead is found within Cedar Breaks Park, just northeast of Georgetown, Texas. The trail is a 7.6 mile moderate out-and-back trail. The trail is heavily trafficked and even more so on weekends. There are several inclines and declines, but nothing too significant. The trai...
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  • Liberty Hill, Texas

    Hike the Good Water Trail

    12.6 mi / 1270 ft gain
    The Good Water Trail which is part of the larger Good Water Loop, is a 12.6 mile point-to-point hike. This trail is heavily trafficked by both hikers and mountain bikers alike. It's a great trail for scenic views, nature, and wildlife. Please be advised that the trail is severely rocky and uneven...
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  • Johnson City, Texas

    Hike the Wolf Mountain Trail

    7.4 mi / 416 ft gain
    The Wolf Mountain Trail is a 7.2 mile loop hike within Pedernales Falls State Park, right outside of Johnson City, Texas. The trail is pretty wide and great for all sorts of exercising and social distancing. The trail is relatively moderate and well maintained. There is little shade but it is st...
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  • Giddings, Texas

    Bike Bluff Creek Ranch

    8 mi / 60 ft gain
    Bluff Creek Ranch is located off of Owl Creek Road (see map). There are 8 miles of well-shaded trails that are accessible year-round and is shared by hikers and bikers. You can also camp here, for $15/person/day (less for children). There are also bunkers available - for a slightly more glamorous...
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