It's hard to beat what the Rockies have to offer. A plethora of world-class skiing in the winter, and all the hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain biking, and rafting you could hope for in the summer. Looking for a challenge?Maybe try your hand at one of Colorado's 14,000 ft peaks (there's somewhere between 53 and 58, depending who you ask).

Top Adventures in Colorado

Hike to Hanging Lake

3.2 Miles Round Trip - 1004 ft gain

Backpack to the 3 Crater Lakes

6.5 Miles Round Trip - 2100 ft gain

Backpack to Mirror and Crater Lakes

15 Miles Round Trip - 2500 ft gain

Hike to King Lake

11 Miles Round Trip - 2500 ft gain

Backpack to Conundrum Hot Springs

18 Miles Round Trip - 2500 ft gain

Hike to Sky Pond

10 Miles Round Trip - 1780 ft gain


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