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The 8 Best Winter Overnight Adventures In Colorado

Explore the backcountry and sleep in comfort.

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Most people put away their backpacks when winter rolls around, but the adventurous few just switch from hiking boots to skis or snowshoes. Colorado is home to the famous 10th Mountain Division Hut System, a set of stunning mountain ski cabins, as well as other public and private winter getaways in the high country. The huts offer shelter from the biting winter cold as well as a base for playing in the snow. Most of the huts come stocked with firewood, stoves, and cookware, so you can keep your pack light or bring those extras you wouldn't carry on a summer trek. Check out some of Colorado's best overnight winter getaways below!

1. Ski Hut-to-Hut from Uncle Bud’s to Skinner Hut

Photo: Jason Hatfield

One of the more challenging hut-to-hut loops in the 10th Mountain Division system, you'll have to work hard for these world-class huts. The reward is a winter oasis of skiing and mountain scenery. Learn more.

2. Snowshoe to Squaw Mountain Fire Lookout

Photo: Matthew Eaton

This remote fire lookout is perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee and a book, all while taking in a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. Learn more.

3. Ski or Snowshoe to Section House Hut

Photo: Jason Hatfield

Originally built in the 1880s on Boreas Pass, this hut is the perfect escape from the crowded lift lines of Breckenridge. Learn more.

4. Overnight at Emma and Marceline Yurts

Photo: Chelsea Gribbin

If you're missing the experience of being in a tent, try out these high mountain yurts tucked in the mountains of Leadville. The yurts come with most of the supplies of a traditional winter hut, but space is at more of a premium. Learn more.

5. Ski to McNamara Hut

Photo: Jason Hatfield

After sleeping and playing in the forested backcountry of Aspen at McNamara Hut, you can head into town for classy Après-ski. Learn more.

6. Overnight at Nokhu Hut

Photo: Sarah Wieck

If remote and mellow is more your style, Nokhu hut offers one of the easier hikes in as well as fewer visitors. Learn more.

7. Ski to Peter Estin Hut

Photo: Dani Perry

Amazing views and top-notch ski terrain make this hut a top destination, it can also be linked up with Polar Star Inn for a hut-to-hut trip. Learn more.

8. Overnight at the Maroon Hut

Photo: J.J. Benson

Maroon Hut brings the comforts of home with a full working kitchen, in floor heat, running water and Wi-Fi. Learn more.

Cover photo: Jason Hatfield

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