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25 Beautiful Alpine Lakes in Colorado

You're going to want to bring your camera on these adventures.

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Did you know that Colorado is home to over 2,000 lakes? Seriously...over 2,000! Many of these lakes are nestled between some of the most incredible mountain scenery you'll ever lay eyes on, making them ideal for golden hour photoshoots. From short day hikes close to the city to multi-day backpacking trips deep in Rocky Mountain National Park, these adventures will take you to some of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Colorado. 

1. Hike to Chasm Lake

Photo: Kyle Frost

2. Hike to Lower and Upper Chicago Lakes

Photo: Ryan Mckinney

3. Hike to Hanging Lake

Photo: Nicola Easterby

4. Hike to King Lake

Photo: Eric Schuette

5. Camp at Alta Lakes

Photo: Andrew Slaton

6. Backpack to the 3 Crater Lakes

Photo: Drew Wallace

7. Backpack to Mirror and Crater Lakes

Photo: Eric Schuette

8. Hike to Bierstadt Lake

Photo: Jennifer Broome

9. Hike to Sky Pond

Photo: Ryan Dewane

10. Hike the Blue Lakes Trail

Photo: Greg Owens

11. Hike to Nymph, Dream, Emerald and Haiyaha Lakes

Photo: Ryan Mckinney

12. Relax at Maroon Lake

Photo: Whitney James

13. Hike to Heart and Rogers Peak Lakes

Photo: Eric Schuette

14. Hike to the Loch Vale

Photo: Kyle Frost

15. Hike to Upper Ice Lakes

Photo: Eric Schuette

16. Hike to Mills Lake

Photo: Eric Schuette

17. Hike to Crater Lake

Photo: Eric Schuette

18. Hike to Sandbeach Lake

Photo: Ryan Mckinney

19. Hike Upper Diamond Lake

Photo: Eric Schuette

20. Hike to Lake Isabelle

Photo: Ryan Mckinney

21. Hike to Lower Boulder Lake

Photo: Matt Willey

22. Hike to Emerald Lake

Photo: Whitney James

23. Hike to Savage Lakes

Photo: Mike Fennell

24. Summit Mount Evans

Photo: Will McKay

25. Camp at Twin Lakes White Star Campground

Photo: Mike Fennell

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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