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Stephen Catalano

Theres a separate post (https://www.theoutbound.com/west-virginia/hiking/hike-tibbett-knob) that gives some tips for making this an overnight. Highly recommend doing that, there are some beautiful night skies.

Dark, dark skies for astrophotography. Don't forget to bring your photo setup for camping up here, cause you'll be happy you carried the extra weight! Pay attention to the lack of water, make sure you bring some extra in your car for after you get back!

Came here with family over the Thanksgiving holiday and everyone enjoyed it. It was cold but the walk wasn't at all difficult for anyone in the group (elderly and young).

All the parks near the seaport are very similar. You can't go wrong with sunset over here on the water.

Bring along a yoga mat and knock out a good workout, you won't be disappointed. The park area is wide open and has plenty of room to do your exercise.

I'd do the Brooklyn Bridge instead of this one. Go early to avoid the tourists on either bridge.

You can get lost wandering around here. The park is massive and tons of open fields for dogs. Very pretty park!

Great shot, with the Empire State building in the backgrounders, but its always swamped with tourists/photo shoots. If you can get there and have less people, go, but otherwise... skip it.

If you go to walk the bridge/take photos, go in the early morning. The light is nice, but you'll get folks who are working out/exercising and not the tourists who are there for photos.

Makes you feel like you've stepped outside of the city because its the old cobblestone roads/sidewalks... but in the backdrop is the financial district. Check it out.

I biked this and there were great views. During the summer, there's a nice breeze coming off the water. End your ride at City Vineyard for snacks and a glass of wine.

Incredible architecture and great photo spot, awesome at golden hour. Afterwards, head to Hudson Yards for restaurants and shops.

I think you can save time and money by visiting another rooftop in Manhattan. That being said, its a pretty classic experience.

What they've done with the Highline is incredible. Read up on how they've transformed it!

I'm pretty sure this is a migratory zone, but either way you get a lot of opportunities to see birds. You can usually find plenty of birdwatchers here.

The lake is wonderful for fishing. Plenty of folks that fish the shores and take out small boats to cast out on. Special trout regulations you'll need to be aware of.

Visited here because I was looking to avoid a hike for some waterfall photos. Was able to keep most of the gear in my car (just a few steps away), which was a good change of pace.

This is a summer-must thats fun for everybody. Don't let the cold water surprise ya! Go on a hot day.

Nice, well-kept campground thats SUPER conveniently located off of I-81. Not hard to get you at all.

Tried to make this a run, but it was a bit too steep for me and I turned it into a hike. It was still nice! Lots of views and would love to come back with a camera around sunset.

Did this as a run and I'm glad I decided to do that. I don't think it would have been as enjoyable as a hike (not too many views).

Bring your pup! It was very dog-friendly and all the other dogs that we encountered on the walk were well-behaved an on-leash. Plenty of smells for the little guy!

Found plenty of trout here, but unfortunately didn't have any luck. Just one of those days but I'd be willing to come back and give it another shot.

This is one of the best rivers in the region if you're looking for a float/paddle trip. The nearby outfitters offer affordable options as well, especially for overnight trips.