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For an easily accessible waterfall, Statons Creek Falls isn’t as well-known as others nearby, thus less crowded. With scenic drives, hikes, and other waterfalls in the area, this could be just part of a full day of exploring in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

To view this waterfall, hiking is not necessarily involved since the top of it is next to a small parking area along CR-633. If you feel like scrambling and bushwhacking, it’s possible to make your way down either side to small pools and cascades with a total drop of about 100 feet. The terrain is steep; you’ll want to carefully consider your route. I wouldn’t recommend children going any further than the top cascade.

The best views of the larger, middle falls are from the side opposite the road. Cross Statons Creek across the road from the parking area. Then, easily make your way to the upper cascade. To climb further down, I attempted several direct routes to the creek, but ended at drops which were higher than I wanted to jump or down climb. I backtracked and found it easier to first follow the ridge before dropping down to reach a pool just beyond the bottom of the middle section.

As you can see in my photographs, it was icy when I visited. I wanted to go further to a lower pool, but I could not find an ice-free route to attempt. It looked as if it could be done when the boulders are dry. Likewise, it looked possible to cross the creek here by jumping from boulder to boulder, but not when covered by ice!

Make your way back to the top by following roughly the same route you came down. You’ll definitely want to use trees to your advantage to pull yourself up.

There are multiple county and forest roads to get to Statons Creek Falls. I approached by turning off of Highway 60, between Buena Vista and Amherst, onto CR-605, Pedlar River Road. Next, turn right onto CR-633; as you drive up this road, you’ll see Statons Creek far below on your left. As the creek rises up to meet the road, you’ll come to the parking area. Leaving, I went back down CR-633, turned right onto CR-605, and followed it up to the Blue Ridge Parkway for a nice drive along it.

If you want to visit another nearby fall, Panther Falls is a good choice. For a hike, Cole Mountain and Mount Pleasant are great individually or in combination. 

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about 1 month ago

No hiking needed

Visited here because I was looking to avoid a hike for some waterfall photos. Was able to keep most of the gear in my car (just a few steps away), which was a good change of pace.

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