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Traveling, hiking and photographing. That's the story! Apart from that I love food, good music and positive people who smile and laugh. Engineer by profession, photographer by heart. Currently located in the island of Crete, Greece.

The landscape is unique and you really need to see this in order to believe it. Choose a clear day to visit Meteors in order not to miss the view and also dedicate some time around the area before you approach the rocks in order to appreciate the view. Once near the monasteries there plenty of lookout points where you may stop and enjoy the view.

The experience of climbing to mount Olympus is simply amazing. The climbing has become though pretty popular as of late and therefore depending on the specific trail/route you choose you may encounter a lot of people. Also because of the popularity of the ascent, people tend to forget that it bears both difficulty and requires attention. So please have this in kind

Update: the difficulty in approaching the bridge because of the dirt road is about to be lifted, as plans to make this a paved road have been announced. Extra consideration: while the scenery bus amazing in winter, some adventure companies are offering river trekking activities in the narrow gorge during summer and spring time, which is also equally excellent and worth considering

Update: while the experience is amazing in summer, there is the possibility to do this also in winter when there is snow and the canyon bus frozen. This definitely requires an experienced guide and equipment, so plan that accordingly

These were the first cliffs we encountered in our road trip to Iceland. They were breathtaking. We were there during sunset and this made it even more impressive. Definitely worth it!

As mentioned in the title it is an amazing experience especially considering where you are diving. It is though pretty pricey...

This is generally a very nice glacial lake. Though I insist on considering Jokulsarlon to be superior.It is better to visit during sunset

It is a nice way to visit the islands, but I generally find it overly touristic. Definitely not as much as e gondola.

The camp site is nice as well as the facilities. I would recommend though this campsite if you are not much into hiking, since the other campsites are simply amazing for the experience.

Wherever you place yourself in Yosemite, the views and the surrounding scenery are going to be amazing. I find though that driving around is only just to get acquainted with the place and would only recommend it for the beginning of your visit in order to get an initial view and maybe locate some spots, services or trail heads. Otherwise, it is far far better to walk or cycle, without the hassle of having to park, get in and out of the car etc.

This was the very first trail that I did in Yosemite, so I am kinda biased to say that it is simply amazing! It is rather easy and not too strenious and while there were a lot of people on the trail it didn't feel too crowded (then again maybe this has to do with the specific date and time of visit...). Overall both the falls and the surrounding scenery are spectacular!

The view is great, but it can get too crowded for me (including access issues as other people mentioned). I preferred the view from the other side which offered a better view to the exit of the gulf.

This is a wonderful place to be in the sunset and amazing to photograph. However as mentioned by others, it can get pretty crowded and photography can be difficult. Be there quite early.

I felt that there are so much better things to see and do in Zion, that this was kinda underwhelming. So consider it if you have plenty of time and have done most of the other things, or need some time off the more crowded places.

I recently hiked the trail again and they have improved the dirt road quite a bit. Therefore, this means that with a reasonable SUV type of vehicle you should be able to approach the beginning of the trail. However, remember that since this is a dirt road and not a paved one, weather conditions may cause damages and therefore it is a very good idea to either ask someone from the Mountaineering Club of Chania (ΕΟΣ Χανίων) or any of the villagers in Anopolis (the last village before the dirt road) about the condition of the road.

Indeed the sunset is great and apart from running you can actually hang around and meet locals who frequent in the area. But Malecon is also a tourist spot and therefore it is kinda not the the most authentic place you can find in Havana should you look for a more real cuban experience.

The old town of Dubrovnik is a jewel, excellently preserved and huge to explore. However, in order to really be able to enjoy it, you need to be here early in the morning, when mostly its inhabitants are around and not the thousands of tourists that arrive by cruise ships.

The mansions with their murals, the market and the houses are impressive. But the most surprising and unbelievable sight is the human bodies discovered in the excavations... It is not easy to describe unless you see it from up close, the preservation of the body postures while even the facial expressions could be seen, thousands of years after the destruction of the city...

This is a uniquely atmospheric place with huge waves crashing at the shore. An amazing sight and place to be. An interesting suggestion for great views and photos is to approach the seven sisters from the shore from Seaford and reach Cuckmere Haven. There is a river there that most probably you wont be able to cross but the view of the cliffs from there is unique.

I recently visited the gorge again and noticed that some issues have arisen with the monks of the Gouverneto monastery. As they claim the ownership of the land, they seem to have put some signs in place that try to forbid diving at the fjord at the end of the gorge. While this is totally excessive and mostly unenforceable, please have this in mind if you go hiking.

When we visited Gulfoss we were finishing our trip to Iceland and had already seen so many waterfalls that we thought that it might be just another one. On the contrary, we were overly impressed by sheer magnitude of the landscape and the force of the water. As such, I would highly recommend that you visit it! Another tip: while many of the waterfalls in Iceland could get overcrowded making difficult to enjoy them (or have a clear view to make some photographs if you are into it), Gulfoss covered such a large area that despite the number of visitors I didnt feel it as crowded.

It is so easy to get to this hike from Sydney that it is a no-brainer if you are either living in the city or visiting Sydney. In general I agree in everything with the original post except the fact that I consider that you should be extremely careful if you decide to come here during or just after a rainfall. Many parts of the trail may be slippery so be extremely careful. Otherwise, go for it, it is amazing!

I would recommend to check the view from the top only if for whatever reason you can't hike. It is absolutely worth it to do the hike, just be prepared that on the way up it is going to be a struggle. Well all things in life require some effort!

Reykjavik may be a small city however it surely is lovely! So if you are into urban hiking as the original post suggests, then it is perfect! I also agree that you should walk along the sea, but remember to check the viking vessel and also the famous opera. Explore also the main streets of the city, where you will find nice small shops and wonderful cafes. There are many street festivals as well (e.g. when we were in the city there was this amazing bacon festival! ) that you will enjoy.