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Andreas Brokalakis

Traveling, hiking and photographing. That's the story! Apart from that I love food, good music and positive people who smile and laugh. Engineer by profession, photographer by heart. Currently located in the island of Crete, Greece.

Explore The Traditional Town of Areopoli

Areopoli, Greece

Hike Patsos Gorge

Rethimno, Greece

1.2 mi / 328.1 ft gain

Photograph Askifou Plateau

Ασκύφου, Greece

Explore San Telmo

San Telmo, Argentina

Explore the Old City of Essaouira

Essaouira, Morocco

Photograph the Bridge of Portitsa Gorge

Spileo, Greece

1.2 mi

Photograph the Colorful Village of Klima

Klima, Greece

Hike Katholiko Gorge

Chania, Greece

1.2 mi / 918.6 ft gain

Hike to Livaditis Waterfall

41.324877,24.682267, Greece

1.1 mi / -656.2 ft gain

Walk with Penguins at Isla Magdalena (Natural Monument Los Pingüinos)

Punta Arenas, Chile

Snow Hike from Omalos to Kalergi Mountain Shelter

Chania, Greece

3.1 mi / 1968.5 ft gain

Hike Kampos Gorge

Kampos, Greece

1.6 mi / 820.2 ft gain

Catamaran to Grand River Waterfalls

-20.244373,57.791261, Mauritius

Drive through Quebrada de Cafayate

Cafayate, Argentina

Photograph the sunset at Moudari Lighthouse

Nisi, Greece

Explore the Amphitheatre (el Anfiteatro)

Guachipas, Argentina

Photograph Aziz Aga Bridge

Grevena, Greece

Hike to Viena Beach

Chania, Greece

1.6 mi

Hike to Glyka Nera Beach

Chania, Greece

0.6 mi / 308.4 ft gain

Hike Aghia Irini Gorge

Chania, Greece

4.7 mi / 1922.6 ft gain

Explore the Medina of Meknes

Meknès, Morocco

Swim at Avlemonas

Avlemonas, Greece

Explore La Boca Neighborhood

La Boca, Argentina

Stargaze at Skinakas Space Observatory

Rethimno, Greece