Andreas Brokalakis

Traveling, hiking and photographing. That's the story! Apart from that I love food, good music and positive people who smile and laugh. Engineer by profession, photographer by heart. Currently located in the island of Crete, Greece.

Hike to Gigilos Summit

5 mi / 2624.7 ft gain

Hike to Seitan Limania Beach

0.6 mi

Hike Katholiko Gorge

1.2 mi / 918.6 ft gain

Explore Balos Lagoon

0.6 mi

Sail to Kleftiko Beach

Swim at Sarakiniko

Explore the town of Kythera (Chora)

Swim at Avlemonas

Explore The Traditional Town of Areopoli

Visit the Archeological Site of Delphi

Explore Meteora


Explore the River in Panta Vrehi Canyon

1.6 mi

Explore the Medina of Fez

Camp at Sahara Desert

Photograph Vikos Canyon

0.9 mi

Hike around Cerro de los Siete Colores

1.9 mi

Photograph Askifou Plateau

Explore the Garden of Averof in Metsovo

Walk to Amir Ali Springs

Hike to Kalami beach

0.9 mi

Hike the Imbros Gorge

6.8 mi / 2132.5 ft gain

Hike Rogovo Ovires Natural Lakes

0.6 mi

Explore San Telmo

Hike to Pachnes Summit

1.9 mi / 1650.3 ft gain