Run the Malecón

10 miles  - Loop Trail

Added by Lucas Pols

A pleasant run featuring astonishing sunsets and authentic Cuba.

The entire Malecón is five miles which gives you the opportunity to make it a loop of ten. From people watching to historic monuments the Malecón provides a great track for seeing Cuban culture while getting in exercise.

Starting at the National Hotel of Cuba you'll walk down behind the hotel out onto the Malecón. Keep in mind that you'll want to do this run in the early evening or early morning as the heat can easily jump to over 100 with humidity during the day!

Stay for the sunset to catch some incredible photographs and watch as the area turns from tourists to an authentic local hang out!

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11 days ago

Nice but search for authentic Cuba elsewhere

Indeed the sunset is great and apart from running you can actually hang around and meet locals who frequent in the area. But Malecon is also a tourist spot and therefore it is kinda not the the most authentic place you can find in Havana should you look for a more real cuban experience.

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