Photograph the Bridge of Portitsa Gorge

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Photograph one of the most impressive bridges in a dreamy landscape

The bridge of Portitsa is one of the most unique bridges in Greece as it is the only bridge that stands at the entrance of a very narrow gorge, thus creating a impressive scenery.

Inside the Pindos mountain range, the valley of Kanavi between the mountains of Spilaio and Lykotrypa ends up in a deep gorge formed by two massive vertical rocks. The gorge is named Portitsa, which in greek means "little door".

The bridge dates from 1743 and most probably it has been built under the funding of a local monastery in order to facilitate the traveling between the villages of Spilaio and Trikomo. The length of the stone bridge is 34 meters and its height is almost 8 meters (7.8m).

There are two options to get to the bridge, both starting from the point marked in the map from the village of Spilaio. The first one is an almost 2km stone trail (should be around 30 mins to hike), while the second is a dirt road that gets you directly to the bridge. Typically the dirt road is accessible and you can easily do it. I did it in winter when I believe the landscape is magical and for that because of the snow you are going to need a capable 4x4 vehicle.

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Ease of access

Update: the difficulty in approaching the bridge because of the dirt road is about to be lifted, as plans to make this a paved road have been announced. Extra consideration: while the scenery bus amazing in winter, some adventure companies are offering river trekking activities in the narrow gorge during summer and spring time, which is also equally excellent and worth considering

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