Explore the River in Panta Vrehi Canyon

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An excellent river trek in an amazing natural scenery

The Panta Vrehi canyon is located in the south parts of the Evritania region in Greece. The canyon follows Krikeliotis river and hence a significant part of the trek puts you inside the river (river trek).

The name of the canyon, Panta Vrehi, in greek means the place where it is always raining. This is because in one part of the canyon, ice cold waters that originate from the surrounding mountains (from melting snow or underground springs) merge with the river through multiple waterfalls. The significant height of the waterfalls and the irregular flow of the water, spreads the falling water into drops making it seem like a constant rain, turning the whole landscape into an enchanting place.

The river trek starts at Krikeliotis bridge and there are different ways to reach this point. All of them though require to drive through gravel, forest roads and therefore you will either need an SUV/4x4 vehicle capable for offroad driving or you can choose one of several adventure tour agencies that operate in the area, that will take you there and provide a mountain guide as an escort. Unless you are familiar with the territory and have previous experience, this is what I suggest that you can do.

From the starting point of the trek, it takes about 45 minutes to one hour to reach the impressive location of the falling waters. The route follows the river and while in some occasions you can hike on the banks of the river, quite often you will need to walk in the river. That is why the most recommended period of the year to visit the canyon is the summer when the water is at its lowest levels and it makes it easier and safer to cross it.

Hiking in the river means that you will need either weatherproof shoes or have a spare set of shoes to wear after the trek (I did the latter). You can wear a swimming suit so that you can swim in different parts of the river and under the waterfalls. The water is crystal clear (though quite cold). A good idea is to have a waterproof bag with you for carrying anything you need, however in most cases the crossings inside the river are not that deep and hence a reasonably tall adult will be able to carry a bag without risking to have it get wet. You will need to carry a towel, some snacks and a bottle of water with you. Most of the trek is done in the shadows of the surrounding rocks, therefore you do not really need to worry about the sun.

As mentioned, the river trek is about 45min and does not present any real difficulties. You need to be reasonably fit and you should be careful as sometimes because of the running water, some surfaces can be slippery and some rocks not so stable. The trek is ideal for families, especially if you have a mountain guide with you, and kids will both have an amazing experience and a safe one. As already mentioned, since this is a river trek, you strongly encouraged not to consider hiking in any other season beyond summer, since in all other season the river has a much higher quantity of water and a stronger flow.

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