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The Best Rock Climbing in Wyoming

Looking for the best rock climbing in Wyoming? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Wyoming. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

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Top rock climbing spots in and near Wyoming

  • Carbon County, Wyoming

    Hike to the Summit of Medicine Bow Peak

    1.6 mi
    Medicine Bow Peak (12,014ft) is the highest summit in the Snowy Range of Wyoming. There is a network of quality alpine trails leading around the mountain and up to the summit. Stop in at the Visitor Center in Centennial for a free map of the area and pick your route. Options exist from a direct 1...
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  • Pinedale, Wyoming

    Climb Fremont Peak via Southeast Buttress

    30 mi / 4350 ft gain
    The typical approach to the SE Buttress is from Indian Basin, probably because it is easier, provided you plan on going to Indian Basin anyway. However, if you plan on visiting Titcomb or climbing Gannett peak via Bonney Pass, I suggest approaching from Lower (Southern) Titcomb Lake. I thought it...
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  • Devils Tower, Wyoming

    Hike the Joyner Ridge Trail

    1.5 mi
    There is a nice sized parking lot at Joyner Ridge. From the parking lot, the Devil's Tower looms very large! From the parking lot the trail is obvious and easy to follow. There are occasional overlooks or different vantage points from the trail. The Joyner Ridge trail makes a 1.5 mile loop that i...
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  • Cora, Wyoming

    Hike to Slide Lake

    12 mi / 1600 ft gain
    The Winds in Wyoming are incredibly beautiful and offer some of the most challenging, but rewarding hikes. And the popular northern trailhead, Green River Lakes, is one of the most spectacular entry points. GETTING THERE: There are only two ways to get to the Green River Lakes trailhead. and one ...
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  • Buford, Wyoming

    Hike the Turtle Rock Trail

    3.2 mi
    Starting at the trailhead near the parking lot, the trail starts off relatively paved and moves close to the base of Turtle Rock, a large outcrop of Sherman Granite that has stood the test of time from the creation of the Rocky Mountains.Following the trail to the left at the loop intersection, t...
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  • Alta, Wyoming

    Bouldering at "Boulder City"

    Starting from the Cathedral Group Turnout off of Jenny Lake Road, find the trail next to the Cathedral Group sign. Follow this trail west into the trees for about 10 minutes. You will come across a very obvious, rocky path on the right hand side of the trail. Follow up and continue until you are ...
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  • Ten Sleep, Wyoming

    Rock Climbing Ten Sleep

    Ten Sleep Canyon is one of the best places to climb in the US. Located in North Central Wyoming, it is home to almost nobody other than the wild life. The closest town is Ten Sleep, population of about 210 people. The town has everything you might need: a coffee shop with Wifi and a great Bar w...
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  • Alta, Wyoming

    Backpack the South Fork of Garnet Canyon

    11 mi / 4682 ft gain
    To start this trip you will need to go to one of the local ranger stations for a backcountry permit, Jenny Lake, Colter Bay, etc. Or if you like to plan ahead, you can make a reservation January through May on  https://www.nps.gov/grte/plany... …When you get to the ranger station to pick up your ...
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  • Lander, Wyoming

    Rock Climbing Wild Iris

    Wild Iris is an iconic rock climbing destination for all sport climbers. It sits at about 9000 feet and there is little cell reception so let someone know where you will be. It was developed years ago by the late Rock Climbing legend Todd Skinner. At the time this area was very futuristic for c...
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  • Lupine Meadows Trailhead, Wyoming

    Summit the Grand Teton via the Owen Spalding Route

    16.3 mi / 7000 ft gain
    Beginning at the Lupine Meadows trailhead near Jenny Lake you will follow the signs for Garnett Canyon. The sign at the trailhead says at mile 4.1 that the trail ends, but there is actually a defined path that will take you most of the way up to the lower saddle, encountering only one scramble. D...
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  • Dubois, Wyoming

    Explore the Breccia Cliffs

    As you drive from Dubois to Togwotee Pass or Grand Teton you will no doubt notice beautiful cliffs right off the road. These are the Breccia Cliffs. This whole area offers plenty of places to explore, photograph, fish, swim, hike and much more including places like Wind River Lake, Brooks Lake, a...
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  • Boulder, Wyoming

    Climb Wolf's Head

    5 mi / 1700 ft gain
    This is one of North America’s 50 classic climbs and rightfully so. It involves easy route finding on a skinny, 5.5 ridge that can be accessed and seen from your base camp at the middle of the cirque.  This climb is over 9 miles from the trailhead so the easiest way to climb it is to follow the C...
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  • Alta, Wyoming

    Mount Moran

    10 mi / 5500 ft gain
    Mount Moran’s CMC Route is best climbed by starting at String Lake’s boat launch. From here, pack up your overnight and climbing gear into your kayak or canoe and start your journey north on String Lake. At the end of the lake, portage a few hundred yards to Leigh Lake and continue your paddle no...
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  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

    Heart Lake Loop Trail

    32.14 mi / 1916 ft gain
    Heart Lake Loop Trail is a loop trail that takes you by a lake located near Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.
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  • Boulder, Wyoming

    Cirque of the Towers to Fremont Trail Loop

    23.66 mi / 3573 ft gain
    Cirque of the Towers to Fremont Trail Loop is a loop trail that takes you by a lake located near Boulder, Wyoming.
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  • Boulder, Wyoming

    Lowline Trail

    10.84 mi / 1155 ft gain
    Lowline Trail is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a lake located near Boulder, Wyoming.
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