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Top Spots

Sinks Canyon

Lander, Wyoming

3.32 mi / 778 ft gain

Hike the Sinks Canyon Trail

Lander, Wyoming

4 mi / 300 ft gain

Hike the Popo Agie Nature Trail

Lander, Wyoming

1 mi / 100 ft gain

Popo Agie Falls Trail

Lander, Wyoming

3.27 mi / 643 ft gain

Popo Agie Indian Trail

Lander, Wyoming

9.38 mi / 2044 ft gain

Silas Lakes Trail

Lander, Wyoming

6.88 mi / 925 ft gain

Camp at the Radio Towers on Limestone Mountain

Lander, Wyoming

Rock Climbing Wild Iris

Lander, Wyoming


Little Sandy Lake

Boulder, Wyoming

8.07 mi / 2021 ft gain

Let Adventure be your Destination in Wyoming

Wyoming’s wide-open spaces make it easy to get off the grid and on a trail, through a park, into a forest, up a mountain or down a river. During your journey through Wyoming’s Black to Yellow Region, discover geologic marvels, dense evergreen forests and sprawling prairielands.

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Places to stay

Boulder, Wyoming

Blucher Creek Campground

Guides and stories

Road Tripping through the Northwest to the International Climbers' Festival

Benjamin Canevari

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