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Top Spots

Boulder Canyon and Highline Trail

Pinedale, Wyoming

22.22 mi / 3333 ft gain

Europe Canyon Trail

Cora, Wyoming

38.74 mi / 6214 ft gain

Susan Lake via Boulder Canyon Trail

Cora, Wyoming

19.62 mi / 2940 ft gain

Lake Ethel Trail

Cora, Wyoming

12.33 mi / 1581 ft gain

Scab Lake Trail

Pinedale, Wyoming

17.07 mi / 2215 ft gain

Half Moon Lake to Camp on Fall Creek

Pinedale, Wyoming

52.59 mi / 8015 ft gain

Lowline Trail

Boulder, Wyoming

10.84 mi / 1155 ft gain

Winter Camping at Fremont Lake Overlook

Pinedale, Wyoming

0.25 mi

Miller Lake, Upper Sweeney Lake, and Photographers Point Loop

Pinedale, Wyoming

11.48 mi / 1388 ft gain

Let Adventure be your Destination in Wyoming

Wyoming’s wide-open spaces make it easy to get off the grid and on a trail, through a park, into a forest, up a mountain or down a river. During your journey through Wyoming’s Black to Yellow Region, discover geologic marvels, dense evergreen forests and sprawling prairielands.

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Places to stay

Pinedale, Wyoming

Sandy Beach Picnic Area

Big Piney, Wyoming

New Fork Campground

Pinedale, Wyoming

Half Moon Lake Campground

Pinedale, Wyoming

Fremont Lake

Cora, Wyoming

New Fork Lake Group Campground

Cora, Wyoming

Narrows Campground

Guides and stories

Climbing Gannett Peak in 4 Days

Isaac Parsons

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