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    Looking for the best rock climbing in United States? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around United States. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Rock Climbing Spots in and near United States

    • Winslow, Arizona

      Deep Water Soloing at Clear Creek

      For the best deep water soloing, go left after unloading the canoes or kayaks. At first, you might see a lot of people, but the further you paddle, the calmer and more peaceful it gets!Getting there: North on I-17, exit 285 at Camp Verde and go East on Hwy 260 then North on AZ 87. Turn right onto...
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    • Riverside County, California

      Backcountry Camp in Joshua Tree

      2 mi
      Backcountry camping can be done at various locations throughout the park (13 different locations). Upon arrival to the park, you will be given a map and can backcountry camp from any of the locations marked with a "B".At these locations you will find a backcountry registration board. It's extrem...
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    • Pinedale, Wyoming

      Climb Fremont Peak via Southeast Buttress

      30 mi / 4350 ft gain
      The typical approach to the SE Buttress is from Indian Basin, probably because it is easier, provided you plan on going to Indian Basin anyway. However, if you plan on visiting Titcomb or climbing Gannett peak via Bonney Pass, I suggest approaching from Lower (Southern) Titcomb Lake. I thought it...
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    • Lancing, Tennessee

      Camp at OBED Wild and Scenic River Area via the Point Trail

      4 mi
      You will want to park at the Lilly Bluff parking lot. Your GPS won't know where this is, so here are the GPS coordinates N36° 06.162', W84° 43.280'.The trailhead is located on the North side of the parking lot. All you need to do is follow the sign for Point Trail. The trail culminates at an e...
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    • Devils Tower, Wyoming

      Joyner Ridge Trail Loop

      1.5 mi / 180 ft gain
      There is a nice-sized parking lot at Joyner Ridge. From the parking lot, the Devil's Tower looms very large! From the parking lot, the trail is obvious and easy to follow. There are occasional overlooks or different vantage points from the trail. The Joyner Ridge trail makes a 1.5-mile loop that ...
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    • Orangeville, Utah

      Bouldering in Joe's Valley, UT

      The bouldering in Joe's Valley has been a hot spot for climbers from all around the world. Discovered by Utah climbers decades ago it has turned into a mecca for anyone who loves sandstone bouldering. The texture of the rock is very grippy and after a long day can leave you with little skin lef...
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    • Buena Vista, Colorado

      Summit La Plata Peak

      9.25 mi / 4500 ft gain
      The Northwest Ridge is the most easily accessible and popular route, and for good reasons. The trailhead is on the side of Hwy 82, otherwise known as Independence Pass, about 14.5 miles from the Hwy 24 junction, or about 10 miles from Twin Lakes to the east. The trailhead is hard to miss, and you...
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    • Browning, Montana

      Hike Mount Siyeh

      8.45 mi / 4209 ft gain
      Once the Going-To-The-Sun Road has opened fully, this massive peak is accessible by driving to Siyeh Bend on the east side of the Logan Pass Visitors Center. Plan on a sun up to sun down adventure. Choose a sunny summer day and head up to hit the trail! Park at Siyeh Bend, and start on the Pie...
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    • Silverthorne, Colorado

      Backpack to Upper Slate Lake

      28 mi / 1386 ft gain
      Starting from the Rock Creek Trailhead parking lot, it is an up and down trek to Upper Slate Lake. The trail map states 10 miles each way, but accounting for switchbacks it ends up being closer to 14 long, hard miles.You will be among aspens and pines for the first half as you have a few moderate...
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    • Stinson Beach, California

      Bouldering & BBQ at Stinson

      Stinson offers up a great beach day with a few activities for everyone to enjoy. If you head toward the south end of the beach, you'll come across a few boulder problems, including the 2 most popular: Are You Experienced and The Old Man. Are You Experienced is the smaller of these 2 boulders, but...
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      Mt. Conness

      19.03 mi / 5400 ft gain
      This trip is best done as a 3 day, 2 night backpacking trip making camp at Young Lakes, however it is possible to do it in a single day long haul. Start at the Lembert Dome Parking Lot and take the trail via the Dog Lake route towards Young Lakes. It's about 7 miles to the upper of the three You...
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    • Conestoga, Pennsylvania

      Climb at Safe Harbor

      Directions: Drive to Safe Harbor. From Safe Harbor, take River Road south to Green Hill Road--this road is very windy. Drive towards Shenk's Ferry Wildflower Preserve. When you reach the tunnel, park on either side of the tunnel. There isn't too much parking here so I'd suggest carpooling.The tra...
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    • Edmond, West Virginia

      Hike the Endless Wall Trail

      2 mi / 260 ft gain
      From the Fern Creek Trailhead this is a 2.0 mile out and back hike to Diamond Point. The trail is relatively flat with minimal elevation gain and has a bridge stream crossing. When you arrive at the sign stating "Climber's Access", take a short side trip here to see the views of the gorge. Contin...
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    • Salt Lake County, Utah

      Broads Fork Twin Peaks

      8.57 mi / 4984 ft gain
      The Broads Fork trailhead starts in Big Cottonwood Canyon in the same parking lot as the Lake Blanche trailhead. This trailhead is on the west side of the parking lot. The trail is marked and easy to follow for a good chunk of the way. You will come to a big basin and alpine meadow where you wil...
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    • New Harmony, Utah

      Backpack the La Verkin Creek Trail

      14 mi / 1200 ft gain
      I've visited Zion National Park twice this year and the experience between the two visitations were like night and day. Zion National Park is by no means a secret, and for good reason. Hikes such as Angels Landing, and the Narrows are locations which are sought after by every outdoorsman and novi...
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    • Electric City, Washington

      Deep Water Solo at Banks Lake

      No grades, no crowds, tons of rock. Banks Lake is a little-trafficked & underrated climbing destination overall, but the deep water solo climbs rimming the lake shores are what provide a truly unique experience. Within the seemingly endless slab walls of granite rising out of the water are se...
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