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    Looking for the best rock climbing in United States? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around United States. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Rock Climbing Spots in and near United States

    • Nevada City, California

      Swim at Edwards Crossing on the South Yuba River

      2.74 mi / 1302 ft gain
      There are endless swimming holes on the South Yuba River the feature crystal clear water, massive granite boulders and pristine pocket beaches, particularly those lower in the foothills. Many are separated by sections of rapids, but can be reached via the growing trail system of the South Yuba Ri...
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    • Roswell, Georgia

      Climb and Chill at Allenbrook

      You’re going to be really surprised you’re still in Roswell, or in the Atlanta area at all. When you get out of your car and start walking down the wooden stairs at the start of the trail, the busy sounds of the rushing cars on Atlanta Street fade away into the wind flowing through the Tulip Popl...
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    • Payson, Arizona

      Mogollon Rim via Washington Park

      4.32 mi / 1138 ft gain
      This trail begins at the Washington Park Trailhead which meets up with passage #27 of the AZT. You begin traveling northbound as you ascend the great Mogollon Rim. The trail takes you through a gorgeous forest and rewards you with an awesome cliff side view at the summit. 2.25 miles into the tra...
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    • Green River, Utah

      Hike to Goblin's Lair and Carmel Canyon

      3.18 mi / 433 ft gain
      This beautiful, isolated hike also makes for a flexible route – very few places in Goblin Valley are off limits, allowing you to customize the adventure as much as you please. The hike begins on a rapidly descending trail, heading into the heart of Goblin Valley State Park. After a quarter mile ...
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    • Mackay, Idaho

      Hike to Kane Lake

      6.8 mi / 1717 ft gain
      This hike into the Pioneer Mountain Range starts out in a small meadow near Kane Creek, which you will follow for nearly the whole hike. Once you hit the forested area the uphill climb begins and doesn't stop until you get to the lake. About half way up the trail will begin taking you through roc...
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    • Morro Bay, California

      Quarry and Park Ridge Trail Loop

      3.04 mi / 961 ft gain
      Park Ridge is a double peaked ridge, elevated at 911ft, which stands next to Cerro Cabrillo, one of the Nine Sisters. The stunning 360* degree views at the top of Morro bay, Los Osos and San Luis Obispo, make this hike worth exploring. There are two ways to access the top. Park Ridge Trail takes...
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    • Estes Park, Colorado

      Hike The Mummy Kill (a.k.a. Mummy Mania)

      14.31 mi / 5600 ft gain
      Wanna kill some mummies!? Of course you do! Who doesn't? Mount Chapin: 12,454 feet; Mount Chiquita: 13,069 feet; Ypsilon Mountain: 13,514 feet; Fairchild Mountain: 13,502 feet; Hagues Peak: 13,560 feet; Mummy Mountain: 13,425 feet The Mummy Kill is the perfect all-day hike for those seasoned h...
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    • Stowe, Vermont

      Mt. Mansfield via the Long Trail

      5.27 mi / 2743 ft gain
      There are several options to reach the summit of Mount Mansfield. The Toll Road (which, appropriately, has a toll to use it), the Laura Cowles trail, the Sunset Ridge trail, Haselton Trail, the Hellbrook Trail… The most popular trail from the east side of the mountain, however, is the section o...
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    • Riverside, California

      Hike Mt. Rubidoux

      2.7 mi / 500 ft gain
      Featuring over 161 acres and over 3.5 miles of combined paved and dirt trails, Mount Rubidoux Park in Riverside, CA is a beautiful natural environment and adventure location. Although some say this is just a "hill", this Inland Empire gem offers a quick escape from the pace of city life. Just m...
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    • Jacksons' Gap, Alabama

      Smith Mountain Fire Tower (Lake Martin)

      0.8 mi / 215 ft gain
      The Smith Mountain Fire Tower is the perfect location to get a glimpse of the vastness of one of the largest man made lakes in the United States. From the parking lot, the stroll up to the base of the fire tower follows a steep pathway for about a half mile. The hike is very easy to follow and th...
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    • Boulder, Colorado

      Scramble Angel's Way

      5 mi / 1000 ft gain
      Angel's Way is an amazing 8 pitch rock climb scramble (5.2) that is tucked away in Skunk Canyon, hidden from the crowds of Chautauqua. The best part of this scramble is you only need your climbing shoes and chalk-bag. It is similar to the 'Free Way' on the Second Flatiron. I would encourage ev...
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    • Pikeville, Tennessee

      Photograph Buzzard's Roost Overlook

      0.04 mi / 10 ft gain
      Located in the beautiful state park of Fall Creek Falls, you'll find this overlook along with Millikan's Overlook. Both overlooks showcase the views shown in my photos, however, Buzzard's Roost is a short walk down the side trail that gives a more solitude experience that you may be looking for. ...
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    • Page, Arizona

      Hike Cathedral Canyon

      1 mi / 50 ft gain
      Cathedral Canyon is located just south of Page, Arizona and west of Coppermine Road and is entirely on Navajo Land, so access is possible only by permission from a local or with a permit from one of the licensed tour companies, of which Chief Tsosi is currently the only one permitted to give perm...
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    • Buhl, Idaho

      Visit Balanced Rock

      Balanced Rock is famous throughout the Magic Valley, and getting there is easy. A picnic table and turnoff on Castleford/Glenns Ferry Road allows you to park below the rock. From there it's a short scramble up the hill to get to the base -- that's the only way to get a feel for the boulder's enor...
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    • Bar Harbor, Maine

      Precipice Trail of Champlain Mountain

      2.0 mi / 1000 ft gain
      The Precipice Trail is one of the most well known trails in Acadia, probably for its difficulty and the fact that it is along the exposed edge of Champlain Mountain.  Much of this trail is more of a climb rather than a usual hike.  You will have to climb and scramble over large rocks as well as c...
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    • Dickerson, Maryland

      Hike the Sugarloaf Mountain Trail

      6.05 mi / 1509 ft gain
      Park on Sugarloaf Mountain Drive (as indicated on the map below) to access the trail. It is open from March-November and is dog friendly. 
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