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    If you're traveling to the United Kingdom, be sure to set aside time to step outside the amazing cities around the country. From the rolling hills of the Scotland Highlands to the remote and rocky coast and the peace and quiet of the English countryside, the U.K. will surprise you with how much outdoor adventure it has to offer.

    Top Spots in and near United Kingdom

    • Kent, United Kingdom

      Photograph the Old Lighthouse in Dungeness

      3 mi / 0 ft gain
      Traverse the Dungeness Headland via Dungeness Rd for an easy loop around the Old Lighthouse. When exploring the headland you can expect to see various nautical artifacts scattered across the shoreline as well as abandoned boats and beautiful seaside cottages. Please note that the cottages are pri...
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    • Perth, United Kingdom

      Take in the View at Kinnoull Hill, Scotland

      0.5 mi
      Arriving at Kinnoull Hill Woodland Park is about a 1.5 mile walk from the center of town, or if arriving in a vehicle you can enter "Quarry Car Park" into your GPS and you should not have an issue.Once there you can leave your vehicle in the Quarry Car Park for free and the walking path is a coup...
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    • Conwy, United Kingdom

      Hike Tryfan North Ridge

      3.7 mi / 2296.6 ft gain
      The route on Tryfan although, like many scramble routes, being open to artistic license, does have a few key points to help you stay on track. Starting out from the carpark along the A5, the first main point is the Milestone Buttress; go through the wooden gate and the path deposits you at the fo...
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    • West Hoathly Road, United Kingdom

      Sandstone Bouldering at Stone Farm

      Having moved to London recently, I found the big sprawling metropolis and constant grey skies quite suffocating. Luckily, after some research we located a small, but accessible crag to the south of London, near Gatwick Airport! Perfect to find some respite from the bustle of the city + some sick ...
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    • Moyle, United Kingdom

      Photograph Dunseverick Castle

      Records of Dunseverick Castle date back to the 5th century. In the 9th century Viking raiders attacked the remote coastal fortress. Quick research suggests that the castle was intact and in use until the mid-17th century. Today, all that remains are a few tall, skinny corners of the castle gatelo...
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    • Glencoe, United Kingdom

      Hike the Pap of Glencoe

      4.5 mi / 2148 ft gain
      Begin the hike at the above coordinates and follow the path a few hundred feet along the road before diverting left through a gate and up an open field. Shortly after beginning up the hill, you'll come to fork. Follow the path over the footbridge and begin your journey to the Pap of Glencoe! Sta...
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    • Stirling, United Kingdom

      Hike Dumyat, Scotland

      1.9 mi / 600 ft gain
      Dumyat (pronounced De-mai-it) is a hill in Stirling Scotland measuring 1,371 ft. To arrive at the "Dumyat Path", from Stirling center head towards the University of Stirling via Airthrey Rd. As soon as you have passed the roundabout and University Rd West, you will be looking for your next right ...
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    • Scottish Borders, United Kingdom

      Hike to the William Wallace Statue

      1 mi / 500 ft gain
      Finding the statue of William Wallace is a fun and worthwhile adventure suitable for the whole family. To get there begin by finding a small dirt parking lot located off B6356 between the towns of Bemersyde and Dryburgh. Be sure to not leave valuable belongings in your car, the area has historica...
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    • Glenfinnan, United Kingdom

      Hike to Corryholly Bothy

      5 mi / 1640.4 ft gain
      The trail is easily found, and starts 100m down the road from the Glenfinnan viaduct and monument visitor centre in a small gravel carpark. Walk through the small gravel carpark and onto the paved estate road.   Follow this track as it gently sweeps through the Glen for 8 kilometres before turnin...
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    • Glenridding, United Kingdom

      Hike Hellvellyn Loop via Striding Edge & Swirral Edge

      8.7 mi / 3000 ft gain
      This is a classic must do hike in the UK. It starts off with amazing views, becomes an adrenaline filled scramble, has even more amazing views, has another adrenaline filled scramble, then ends with painful downhilling.  Though the actual scramble is only a rated a grade 1/2 scramble, the exposur...
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    • Highland, United Kingdom

      Hike The Saddle via Forcan Ridge

      8.25 mi / 4500 ft gain
      This epic hike in the Scottish Highlands might top even the famous Ben Nevis. The hike is among the most greatest mountain range in all of the UK. Not only is this hike gorgeous, but it's also an adrenaline pumping adventure including grade 3 scrambling and legitimate route-finding. There are no ...
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    • Port Ellen, United Kingdom

      Walk the Three Distilleries Path

      7 mi
      The Isle of Islay is considered the center of Scotland's whisky tourism. Remote, pictureque and smelling of malt, the island is home to eight active distilleries, with as many as 25 located on the island throughout the years.  Although a few tour companies offer taxis and guided tours, for a real...
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    • Cheddar, United Kingdom

      Rock Climb at Cheddar Gorge

      1 mi / 50 ft gain
      The gorge is split into 2 sections, the north side and south side of the road – the north side is accessible year round, but the south side is subject to periodic closures and is worth checking with the entrance station if it is open (a general rule is that it is closed between march and June due...
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    • Cornwall, United Kingdom

      Hike the Cliff Paths from Zennor to the Gurnard's Head

      5.3 mi / 30 ft gain
      Start at The Tinners Arms at Zennor. There is a carpark right next to the pub with an honesty box. Head up the road past the pub until you reach the church and then follow the signposted public footpath down to the coast.  Once you reach the coast itself, head west and follow the footpath along t...
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    • Cumbria, United Kingdom

      Hike up Blencathra

      4.5 mi / 2306 ft gain
      Getting there: Follow the A66 towards Scales and once you are about 2 miles away from Threlkeld, you'll find a quaint pub called the White Horse Inn. To begin the hike, park your car anywhere along the side of the A66 (near the pub) or alternatively, you can park in the car park next to the White...
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    • Rye, United Kingdom

      Go for a Historical Walk in English 1066 Countryside

      8 mi / 500 ft gain
      From London, I got a high speed train to Rye on the South East coast of England. Rye and the surrounding towns, more famously Hastings, are known as 1066 country and are steeped in English history. There are lots of walks available online and at the tourist information centre in Rye, but I chose ...
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