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Conwy, United Kingdom

Top Spots in and near Conwy

  • Conwy, United Kingdom

    Hike Tryfan North Ridge

    3.7 mi / 2296.6 ft gain
    The route on Tryfan although, like many scramble routes, being open to artistic license, does have a few key points to help you stay on track. Starting out from the carpark along the A5, the first main point is the Milestone Buttress; go through the wooden gate and the path deposits you at the fo...
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  • Llanberis, United Kingdom

    Hike to the Summit of Mt. Snowdon via the Llanberis Path

    9 mi / 3000 ft gain
    Mount Snowdon has a very rich history and is the most hiked mountain in the United Kingdom and for good reason. There are many different ways to hike to the summit, some are an easy walk and others require technical equipment. The peak can be covered in snow with high winds in winter, and warm wi...
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  • Gwynedd, United Kingdom

    Summit Mount Snowdon via the Watkin Path

    7.4 mi / 3280.8 ft gain
    AlthoughMt Snowdon is only a modest 3,560ft the trailhead starts barely abovesea level, so you’ll be doing a lot of climbing, almost the wholemountain. The trailhead is located directly opposite the car parking area. Itstarts off really mellow through old ancient woodlands and is very easy tofoll...
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