Hike Tryfan North Ridge

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One of the UK's most famous scrambling routes. Climb this sharks fin of a mountain via its knife edge North Ridge. Not for the Faint hearted, this route has many points of extreme exposure with breathtaking views.

The route on Tryfan although, like many scramble routes, being open to artistic license, does have a few key points to help you stay on track. Starting out from the carpark along the A5, the first main point is the Milestone Buttress; go through the wooden gate and the path deposits you at the foot of this impressive structure and its up to you to scurry along its base and up to the ridge line. 

Once on the ridge line there should be some vague Cairns marking the way, but don’t worry if you don’t see them, just stay on the crest of the ridge and head upwards. The next key point is Canon Rock, a rock that is not easily mistakable - a giant that sticks out at a 45 degree angle - its customary to climb up it and get a good photo with the views behind you; we got the photo, but not the views. 

After this the next point is the North Tower, this can be imposing - and I would probably call the crux - but just start climbing and if you get stuck traverse left to find an accessible gully to hop up and move further on, or if you are a little less sure about the climbing gain a little height and traverse left early and scramble up the gully. 

After that its a short walk and some slightly easier terrain to the summit and “Adam and Eve”, two pillars, which it is usually a tradition to jump between, but on a slick wet day like this, we passed on and descended the south ridge. 

The South Ridge will lead down to Bwlch Tryfan and to the base of Glyder Fach; if you feel like some more scrambling head on up Glyder Fach, but if like us, you want to get down, just take the trail down to Llyn Bochlwyd and then on down into the Ogwen valley and back to the trailhead. 

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