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  • United Kingdom
  • United Kingdom

    If you're traveling to the United Kingdom, be sure to set aside time to step outside the amazing cities around the country. From the rolling hills of the Scotland Highlands to the remote and rocky coast and the peace and quiet of the English countryside, the U.K. will surprise you with how much outdoor adventure it has to offer.

    Top Spots in and near United Kingdom

    • Glasgow City, United Kingdom

      Explore the Glasgow Botanic Gardens

      This was not quite as large as the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens, but it’s still fun and worth a stop.  Plus, it’s another free activity.  -Founded in 1817  -Indoor (“glasshouses”) and outdoor exhibits -Koi pond -Plenty of seating options -Peaceful atmosphere with lots of areas to walk and exp...
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    • Fife, United Kingdom

      Photograph St. Andrews' West Sands Beach

      West Sands is just a stone's throw away from the St. Andrews Castle. It is a beautiful and expansive beach with lots of rocks, as well as sandy parts, that make a beautiful backdrop for photos. You can also see many of the historical buildings in the town from the beach. 
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    • Cumbria, United Kingdom

      Hike Scaffel Pike via Styhead Tarn

      9.2 mi / 2949 ft gain
      This route begins in Seathwaite, which is mostly characterized by a car park and the Seathwaite farmyard, which you will cross through (on the road) to reach the start of the dirt trail. Walk the road south-bound through the valley for 0.8 miles, and cross the stone footbridge here - Stockley Bri...
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    • Devon, United Kingdom

      Explore Wistman's Wood

      Whistman's Wood is an old oak woodland in Dartmoor National Park in England. This small wood feels like stepping into a fairytale novel. The ancient oak trees grow amongst moss-covered, twisted tree trunks and branches and granite boulders, giving the place an other-worldly vibe. Reaching Whistma...
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    • West Lothian, United Kingdom

      Hike Cockleroy Hill

      4.25 mi
      This is a very memorable hike that cuts through open fields and has great views of Edinburgh and its surrounding area. The ascent up Cockleroy Hill is quite challenging as it is very steep, but you'll have sheep to keep you company as you make your way up (don't get too close to the sheep, howeve...
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    • Edinburgh, United Kingdom

      Run on Portobello Beach

      2 mi
      Run along the Forth, that leads out to the Atlantic Ocean, in Edinburgh at the Portobello Beach Promenade. Accessible by bus, Portobello Beach is generally a quiet and sleepy town. The promenade runs for 2 miles and because both the boardwalk and beach are wide. It is perfect for runners and cycl...
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