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  • Gundlischwand
  • Gündlischwand, Switzerland

    Top Spots in and near Gündlischwand

    • Leukerbad, Switzerland

      Hike to Lämmeren Cabin and Lake

      5 mi / 492.1 ft gain
      Take the cable way from Leukerbad to Gemmi Pass. Facing away from the mountain station (north), head left (west) and follow the track to "Lämmerenhütte" (Lämmeren Cabin). The track leads through a small tunnel that was once built by the Swiss Army.The tunnel leads to the glacier forefield of the ...
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    • Leukerbad, Switzerland

      Hike up Gemmi Pass

      2.1 mi / 3074.1 ft gain
      Gemmi Pass is an absolutely stunning place, with its secluded scenery and the amazing views over the Swiss Alps. While people usually choose the easy way and take the cable car up the mountain they miss out on the most rewarding part: The epic trail leading from the village of Leukerbad to Gemmi ...
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    • Leukerbad, Switzerland

      Hiking on Torrenthorn

      1862.2 mi / 2132.5 ft gain
      Start in the early morning by taking the cable way (either from Leukerbad or Flaschen valley station) to Rinderhütte. The trail from Rinderhütte to Torrenthorn is nicely done and well marked so you won't need to climb. However, depending on the amount of gear you have in your backpack it can be q...
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    • Obergoms VS, Switzerland

      Photograph the Rhône Glacier

      4.8 mi / 1686.4 ft gain
      Head for one of the highest mountain passes in the Swiss Alps, the Furkapass. It connects Gletsch, Valais with Realp, Uri. On the way, take a look at the awesome little church in Gletsch, a small town that looks pretty spooky during off-season! It's a perfect spot to watch or take pictures of the...
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    • Engelberg, Switzerland

      Lutersee Loop

      11.1 mi / 4216 ft gain
      From Engelberg, head towards Eugenisee and then wind through houses on the edge of town before starting the ascent to Ober Zingel. You'll have great views of the valley, and steep climbing. At Ober Zingel you can stop for a snack, or continue upwards to Lutersee. From here, you'll continue hiking...
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    • Engelberg, Switzerland

      Trübsee Loop via Engelberg

      8.43 mi / 2677 ft gain
      Trübsee Loop is a nice trail accessible from town that passes by Untertrübsee and stunning Trübsee. Enjoy views of the Engelberg valley and the incredible colors of the lake. While it can be done in either direction, the trail between Engelberg and Berghotel is quite steep, so many people prefer ...
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    • Engelberg, Switzerland

      Walenpfad Trail from Brunnihutte

      6.5 mi / 1280 ft gain
      Often touted as one of the most scenic trails in Engelberg, and with good reason! This fairly easy hike is enjoyed in either direction, starting from the Brunnihutte, or Banalpsee. From Brunnihutte, follow signs for the Walenpfad trail and Bannalpsee. The trail provides sweeping views of Titlis ...
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    • Engelberg, Switzerland

      Hike to Rugghubelhütte via Brunnihutte

      6.13 mi / 1801 ft gain
      The hike to Rugghubelhütte can begin either in Engelberg, or as described here, at the top of the Brunni (or Ristis) cable car. It just depends how much elevation you want to hike. From the top of Brunni, the trail meanders along the mountainside for a while before starting to climb more sharply....
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    • Engelberg, Switzerland

      Fürenalp Panorama Loop

      6.2 mi / 108 ft gain
      You can reach the start of this hike by taking the (free) hiker bus from Engelberg to the Fürenalp cable car. Take the cable car to the top, and you'll have a long, pleasant descent towards Staüber, with stunning views along the way. Near Staüber, the trail cuts back down the valley towards Füren...
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    • San Anselmo, California

      Hiking the Alpi Pontine - Pizzo Diei and Mount Cistella

      12 mi / 4517.7 ft gain
      Drive to the San Domenico ski resort, a lovely small Italian alpine town where you will start. There you can opt to ride the cable car and save yourself about 450 meters of hiking up through ski tracks that are beautiful but will not add much to the adventure and which will already be very energy...
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    • Simplon, Switzerland

      Hike in the Laggintal

      7.3 mi / 3359.6 ft gain
      The journey begins in the village of Simplon Dorf, crouched on soft hills and lush green meadows under the Fletschhorn.The trail starts at the side of the Post Office in the center of Simplon Dorf and you'll ascend on a track very well marked crossing diagonally the wooded ridge overlooking the v...
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    • Icogne, Switzerland

      Hike the Bisse du Ro to Lac de Tseuzier

      11.9 mi / 1387.8 ft gain
      The trail along the Bisse du Ro has its origins in the 15th-century Swiss villagers who painstakingly carved water canals out of the mountainsides in order to irrigate the farmlands of the Valais. It hugs the cliffs all the way to the Ertentse River, with stunning mountain panoramas across the va...
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    • Saas-Grund, Switzerland

      Hike the Almageller Höhenweg

      6.9 mi / 689 ft gain
      Getting ThereStart your tour in Saas-Grund at the bottom station of the Hohsaas cableway. In summer, it costs you only 7 Swiss Francs there to park your car for the day. Then take the cable car up to the middle station (Kreuzboden) where your hike will begin.Hint: If you are staying in the Saas V...
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    • Bognanco, Italy

      Hike to Gattascosa hut and Camoscellahorn

      4.2 mi / 3290.7 ft gain
      The path that I'm suggesting here can be completed in full if you feel trained for a climb of 1000m but it can also be cut in half at the Monscera pass if you prefer something simpler and lighter. In any case, your excursion will give you great reward. From Domodossola follow directions to Bognan...
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    • Randa, Switzerland

      Hike to the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge

      5.4 mi / 3280.8 ft gain
      Technical specificationsLength: 494m / Height: 85m / Elevation: 2080m above see level / Time to cross: 10 min The bridge is located in the Swiss Alps, near the village of Randa, where you start the hike. It says 4h for the loop, but it takes less time if you're a good hiker. The normal route is a...
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    • Flüelen, Switzerland

      Hike to Surenenpass in the Uri Alps

      14 mi / 6000 ft gain
      The hike begins in the town of Attinghausen, which can easily be reached by public transport, about 1.5 hours from Zürich. You should follow the yellow signs for the Brüsti Seilbahn. Here, you can take the cable car up to Brüsti (the midpoint between Attinghausen and Surenen Pass) for 10 CHF/$10....
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