Hiking and Camping on Torrenthorn

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This hike will go overnight (a few hours if you're not camping) with an undescribable sunset and sunrise. The hiking can be difficult depending on the amount of gear you take and check with the local authorities to make sure camping is allowed.

This trip can also be done during daytime without camping. Otherwise you start in the late afternoon by taking the cable way (either from Leukerbad or Flaschen valley station) to Rinderhütte.

The trail from Rinderhütte to Torrenthorn is nicely done and well marked so you won't need to climb. However, depending on the amount of gear you have in your backpack it can be quite exhausting! You will not be able to see the actual peak until you reach the fore summit. The rest is a picnic!

Once you made it to the peak, the next challenge is to find a suitable place to set up your tent. We found a small non-rocky spot not covered in goat excrements.

And then- enjoy. If lucky enough, you're about to see an unreal sunset. Provided you took your tripod and DSLR with you, you will now be able to capture the milkyway and the nightsky in its full glory. If not - well you can still stargaze and enjoy the moment!

In the morning you'll see an overwhelming sunrise. You can watch as the sun slowly glides down the major peaks of the alps (of which you can see most). Especially Weisshorn and Matterhorn are beautiful to look at.

You'll be happy once the glory morning light hits Torrenthorn. Time for breakfast!

Not to overstate the obvious, but this trip shouldn't be done in bad conditions (thunderstorms can always occur in summer) and it can get very windy and cold.

Coordinates for valley station: 46.373830, 7.629066

Pack List

  • Tent (optional)
  • Sleeping bag (optional)
  • Backpacking essentials
  • Appropriate Footwear and Clothing
  • Water and hot Tea
  • A tasty breakfast and snacks
  • Photo Gear
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How to Get There

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I'm a Swiss guy enjoying the mountainscapes I live in.


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1862.2 Miles

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2132.5 Feet



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