Gündlischwand, Switzerland

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Top Chillin Spots in and near Gündlischwand

  • Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

    Explore the Valley of Lauterbrunnen

    3.5 mi / 200 ft gain
    If you're looking for a day in-between the big hiking days or a relaxing walk, Laterbrunnen is the place to be. Its one of those places that you always see in the pictures and I'll be the first to say it definitely lived up to its expectations. Its a smaller town up in the mountains, that can be ...
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  • Interlaken, Switzerland

    Hike to Harder Kulm

    5 mi / 2400 ft gain
    There are a few different ways to reach the top of Harder Kulm, which are mainly dependent upon your budget and fitness level. The way many people reach the top is by a cable car, that depending on when you go, can cost around CHF 32.00, which is close to USD 32.00. The alternative way is by trai...
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  • Grindelwald, Switzerland

    Paraglide in the Swiss Alps

    There are few places that are quite as magical as the Swiss Alps. Towering peaks, rich culture, iconic architecture, and rolling green pastures; it's a storybook setting. While there are a multitude of ways to enjoy Switzerland, paragliding amidst the Swiss Alps tops the list. Once the snow melts...
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  • Kandersteg, Switzerland

    Oeschinensee Panorama Loop, Hohtürli, and Wildi frau

    10 mi / 3854 ft gain
    Brass Tax: Length – Variable by choice Elevation Gain – 3,584 ft Time – 4+ hours – 2 days Stay – 47-84$ / night Difficulty – Difficult Hohtürli in Swiss German means “High Little Door”. This pass sits at an elevation of 2,778 meters (9,114 feet) in the Bernese Oberland. Making it the highest pas...
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  • Bettmeralp, Switzerland

    Hike the Swiss Alps

    4 mi / 250 ft gain
    This beautiful 4 mile hike takes you past several small lakes and ponds, and offers amazing views of the backside of the Matterhorn.To hike around the Jungfrau-Aletsch glacier and Alps, begin at Bettmersee Lake, just next to the village. Facing the lake, with the village behind you, head left and...
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  • Leukerbad, Switzerland

    Explore Dala Gorge

    Start at "Obere Maressen" and follow the walkway through the forest. You'll find detailled informations at a clearing just before the gorge.The bridges leading through the gorge are safe to use, but that doesn't mean you won't need to be careful. Make use of the numerous viewing platforms and ben...
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  • Les Diablerets, Switzerland

    Hike and Climb the Via Ferrata de la Cascade

    1.5 mi / 500 ft gain
    A Via Ferrata is a protected climbing road created in the Alps made of steel. With a climber’s kit, you secure yourself to cables periodically attached to the mountain, and climb up with the help of steel pegs fixed into the mountain. The Via Ferrata de la Cascade, which literally translated mea...
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  • Zermatt, Switzerland

    Hike to Grindjisee

    1.8 mi / 150 ft gain
    Nestled at the end of a long valley, the village of Zermatt is constantly dwarfed by the tooth-shaped Matterhorn. You can virtually hike anywhere around Zermatt and see the Matterhorn, but there are some places that offer better views than others. One of those places is a small lake called Grindj...
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  • Zermatt, Switzerland

    Explore The Matterhorn

    The Matterhorn straddles both Switzerland and Italy and is one of the most beautiful peaks you can shoot. The summit sits at 14,692 feet, making this one of the tallest peaks in Europe.There's an abundance of mellow hikes around the area - check a map in Zermatt for a trail that suits you or just...
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