Hike to the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge

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The Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge is the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge! Opened in July 2017, it connects Grächen and Zermatt on the Europaweg foot trail.

Technical specifications
Length: 494m / Height: 85m / Elevation: 2080m above see level / Time to cross: 10 min

The bridge is located in the Swiss Alps, near the village of Randa, where you start the hike. It says 4h for the loop, but it takes less time if you're a good hiker. The normal route is anticlockwise, but you can do it in reverse. It's exactly the same.

There are 3 parking lots in Randa (One close to the church, one on the way up to the church, and one at the train station). They are not free ( Welcome to Switzerland ;) ) but maybe you can find a free spot further. The beginning of the hike is on the high grounds of the village. There are signs at almost every crossroads in the village. You can't miss it. And if you do, go in front of the Church in the center of the village and start from here. There is a sign very close to the entrance.

The path to the bridge is obvious and well marked. Just follow the signs. It's written in Swiss German but they added a small draw of a bridge in case you can't read. It's going up and steep all the way to the bridge. It could be challenging sometimes, but take your time. The view from the bridge is awesome !
Then cross the bridge, and from the other side, you can go to the Europa hut (on the right, North East of the bridge. Again, follow the signs) or chill and enjoy the view. The way back goes down and steep. Take your time, and follow the signs to Randa.

Don't forget :

  • The path is well marked, obvious, with signs at almost every crossroad.
  • It's steep and sometimes challenging. Take your time.
  • There are free water spots (fountains) in the village.
  • Parkings are not free. It costs between 5 and 10 Swiss Francs.
  • The path is mostly in the forest. But it's still hot during summer.
  • The bridge is high. Really high and aerial. It moves with the wind. You walk on a grid. And even if it's perfectly safe, if you are afraid of heights, it's probably not a good idea to do it.
  • Even if it's safe, do not try to cross the bridge in case of strong winds, storm or lightnings.
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