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Sami Smith

These are some easy and pretty flat trails. You’ll likely see a good amount of people out there as well as mountain bikers

This is a great summer or middle of winter hike. Bring your boots if you go in the spring, it gets pretty wet and muddy. One of the more popular trails In the area

First off these are multi use trails. You will see dirt bikes, mountain bikes , and hikers. If hiking, be prepared to step off the trail, since it is easiest for you to do. I do it all up there and have used this loop many times on the dirt bike, MTB and hiking. Penn is a one way up and cave is a one way down. You will be ticketed if you are seen going the wrong way

Nice area close to town to get out for a little hike/walk with some good scenery. The water is usually okay in the spring.. and usually pretty frozen over. Once summer hits it develops blue green algae, so it’s best to stay out and keep the dogs away

This is a paved trail, so you’ll see bikes, skates, runners etc along this trail. Usually pretty popular for an easy get outside trail. It goes by the lake and along the river and through a couple parks

Gets steep as you get closer to the lake, lots of water along the trail. The creek crossings can become impassable in the early spring

Don’t start down the loop if you aren’t prepared for a long day hike, beautiful scenery all around

Nice short 4 mile out and back trail. Nothing too strenuous. It is a long drive in and 4wd recommended.

Get there early to avoid crowds, explore around the area and get a huckleberry ice cream in the parking lot when you’re done!

The swinging bridge will definitely test those that are scared of heights but it’s a fun little adventure and the views are incredible

Stop and stretch you legs and explore the area! Go across the swinging bridge and take in the beauty of the waterfalls

This is a great hike for backpacking. about 5 good campsites around the lake. Hang out and explore the mountain. The mileage is a good 13-14 miles though so plan for the hike to be a little longer.

If you've never been to Yosemite, the mist trail to vernal and Nevada falls is definitely a must do! Start early to avoid the crowds and get great pictures without people walking up the stairs. It is a climb, but you just gotta take your time and it will all be worth it in the end

This is definitely a popular place to take pictures and its obvious why. The views are pretty incredible. I came up here for the first time after hiking half dome and sitting there looking over at half dome all I could think was "Wow, I hiked that". It seems so huge and crazy looking at it from this perspective.

Nothing feels more relaxing than sitting in the dark looking up at a sky full of stars, hearing nothing but nature around you. You could sit out here for hours admiring the sky here

This is a great little hike, and if you're up for longer, do the loop to taft and back. Amazing 360 degree views from the top of the dome.

This is a pretty decent loop. Not a ton of up and down, but if you've just done a big hike out of the valley it will feel a little tiring lol. Beautiful views all along the way, watch for bears, we came across a mama and 2 cubs right off the trail.

Its right off the road, and definitely worth the stop to get out and take it all in. Stop for a snack, or to shake the legs out from the long drive.

If you've made it to the top of Yosemite Falls, you have to take the extra mile or so to go to Yosemite Point. The views are amazing and I promise, you won't regret it!

This would probably be considered the harder route to North Dome because of the climb out of the valley. But it is a beautiful hike and you will see a lot along the way!

Great place to gather around like minded folks. Play around or practice on some of the big boulders. People around are very supportive and cheer you on!

This is a nice place to get out when you don’t have the time to drive out of town for a hike. It is a busy trail because it is right in town but worth the views! There are also little caves you can go through and explore.

It’s a pretty big waterfall you walk into! Definitely another one to do early to avoid the crowds and maybe be able to get a picture of the falls without a bunch of people hanging out at the base of it

As others have stated, get there early. This place fills up super fast. They are nice clean campsites close to one of the most popular lakes