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Sami Smith

The mountains are so grand and beautiful here, it makes for a great back ground for any kind of pictures. Get there early to avoid the crowds. It gets really busy and people will hang out on the frozen part of the lake which is hard to get a photo without people in it

If you’re in Banff, you better add this place to your list! Get there early, the parking lot does fill up pretty fast for obvious reasons! The view of the lake with the giant mountains behind it is picture perfect every time

Great size campground, kept up and clean. Nice place to take the paddle boards with an easy access into the water with the boat ramp right there at the campground

This is a great year round hike. If going in the winter definitely bring snow shoes or micro spikes. It’s a climb back up to the car but it’s a great relatively short hike with some pretty views along the way. And a great place to stop and have a snack down by the water

The majority of this trail is a multi use trail so you’ll probably see dirt bikes along it as well. Please don’t get mad at them for riding these designated trails as we do clear the trails every spring. This trail has some pretty incredible views all the way. There isn’t really parking, maybe enough room for 3 vehicles. Hit this one in early summer to avoid the mosquitos. Option to continue up the state line trail (the one you’re on till you cut down to the lake) you’ll get even more incredible views and get to look down on the lake, walk a little further and you’ll get to see revett, blossom, upper blossom and pear lake

We take any and all opportunities to stop and check out the sights, this was a nice short trail, perfect to stretch the legs. Pretty flat through the whole thing

Nice low key area. You’ll be blessed with peace and quiet here! Stop by the local restaurants and grab a bite to eat, you won’t be disappointed

Nice clean beach that is just far enough away from the big towns to not be crowded!

Great place to stop and stretch the legs. Like pretty much anywhere on the Oregon coast, this beach does not disappoint!

I’ve done beach trips every year for as long as I can remember and this is one of my favorite little towns. The people are friendly and the little shops and restaurants are the best!

It was pretty quiet when I visited which was nice not to have to fight any crowds. There really is nothing better than a stroll in the sand to let all your worries fade away

The trails around the column are pretty brushy and tall, but when you get a glimpse of the ocean, it’s pretty incredible. Not too many people on the trails. Most just go to the column and leave. My parents and I raced up the column one trip and boy is it a long ways up! Made it up in just over a minute then spent the next 10 minutes catching my breath haha

Great area to sit and relax and watch the waves come in. Always fun to explore the ship wreck when the tide is down too. Expect there to be a fair amount of people around with the state park and Koa close by

Mosquitoes get bad at certain times of the year so be prepared! This is a Great Lake with a nice trail all the way around it. We usually took the dogs here to rinse the sand off after the beach

Great place to camp. Not as many amenities as the Koa on the other side but still a great place to camp! Lots of walking trails and trails to walk all the way to the beach

I’ve stayed here a few times and it’s always been a great place to set up camp. Close to town but far enough away you get your quiet time. Easy trip to cannon beach or Astoria. Great and friendly service

These are all multi use trails so you will run into hikers, mountain bikers, and dirt bikers. Canfield is a great place to get out when you don’t have time to travel an hour plus to get to a trailhead. Lots of great trails and this loop is a good one

Beautiful and easy hike, hang out by the lake or continue on up the mountain for some amazing views. (It’s a scramble/ make your own trail if you go up the mountain and a tough long incline)

This is a great hike, one of the tougher ones for sure. It’s a climb pretty much all the way to the lake. Beautiful in the spring with all the flowers but the creek could be impassable if the water is too high. Aim for late spring for this one

I’ve done this hike a handful of times. It’s a solid 7 miles out and back… feels like 10 🫣. I’ll admit it is not my favorite hike, the lake at the end is beautiful though. It’s not the hardest or the longest so maybe cause the majority of the trail is a little boring. It is one of the more popular hikes in the area too

This hike is not for the faint of heart. It’s a tough trail with a lot of incline. There is no water along the trail so make sure you pack enough to get you up and back (yuck heavier pack) you’ll most likely see some goats hanging out up there on the rocks as well.

One of the busiest areas on the river. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, this is definitely not the place. You’ll see a lot of people floating the river all summer long around here

This is a great place to come hang out and take a little stroll. Benches are set up, very inviting and pretty area

These trails are shared with hikers and bikers. Trails are pretty wide and flat and make for a good stroll