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Sami Smith

If you are going cannon beach, you gotta stop and take a stroll down the beach. It’s a cute little town as well. It is usually pretty busy with quite a few dogs

This is one I want to do again… on a very clear day! We did it in October and it started out with blue skies but once we reached the top the clouds really packed in which made for a different but still awesome experience. There’s nothing like standing way up on a mountain knowing there’s a straight drop off, but not being able to see anything. I wouldn’t say this is for beginners. There is a good incline, especially the last part. And be prepared for some muddy areas. They have it pretty well maintained, although there are some areas where they laid metal fencing type stuff down for grip that they should probably redo. I was paying extra attention because I didn’t want my dog to step on a sharp piece sticking up.

I’ve camped at the camp ground down the road from here many times over the years and it’s fun to see and explore the old ship. It is easily accessible and you are able to drive on the beach here as well

Perfect spot to relax! Been here a couple times on my yearly trips to the coast and we are usually the only people there. Perfect little swimming hole for the pups

You really can’t go wrong strolling the beach with the ocean views and lighthouse views. I’ve spent a lot of time all around this area and it never gets old

This is a well trafficked and well marked trail. Pretty busy on the weekends and a beautiful walk to the waterfall! This would be good for kids as well since the incline isn’t too steep

Great area to get outdoors close to town. Most trails are multi use trails so you will be sharing the trails with dirt bikes and mtbs. There is a hiking/mtb only area off of Shadduck, in the subdivision you will see the trailhead

Penn trail is a little annoying on a mtb or dirtbike but a great trail to hike. (Step aside if you hear a dirtbike or mtb coming through it is a multi use trail) There is a nice view of the lake once you get to the top of Penn

This isn’t much of a hike but more of a hangout place in the summer. Car / motorcycle groups drive out and hangout in the parking lot at Higgins. There’s a boat launch and beach areas

These are all multi-use trails, meaning you will see people dirt biking, mountain biking, and hiking. Cave is a one way DOWN to the parking lot and dirt bikes and mtbs fly down this trail. So if you are hiking it make sure you stay alert and step off if you hear someone coming. Trail A is pretty flat and will take you over towards the concourse (mtb area) and hiking/mtb only trails.

This one’s is nice and close to town… which also means VERY busy in the summer. If you hit it at the right time you can get the trail and views mostly to yourself. The sunsets here are beautiful looking out over the lake. The parking lot is good size but definitely not large enough for the traffic this trail gets.

This along with half dome is a bucketlist hike in my opinion. I did both this year and still couldn’t pick a favorite. I started hiking at 3am in 37 degree weather to make it to the top for sunrise. Bring layers! It was cold on top in august! Watching the sun come up was absolutely incredible and worth hiking 3 hrs in the dark. Starting out at a high elevation and then hiking even higher was a little rough since I’m not used to it but worth every minute. Just take your time

This lake is absolutely beautiful! My friend and I hung out for a while after our sunrise hike to clouds rest. It is a busy lake but worth checking out.

If you have a camera and are into photography, you will absolutely fall in love with this place. Stone bridge is beautiful! And so is literally everywhere you turn

My friend and I spontaneously entered for the lottery late spring, AND WE GOT IT! We rushed to pack everything hopped in the van and drove all day to get there from North Idaho. We got about 5 hrs of sleep and started our hike at 5am. Let me be honest with you... you will be exhausted from the never ending miles of literal stairs and the nearly 5000ft of elevation gain BUT once you get to the base of the sub dome... more stairs.. your adrenaline will spike and you won’t even think of the stairs cause you’ll be distracted by the incredible views on the way up and the excitement of climbing the cables. We tracked 19 miles round trip but some trails were one way because of covid so that added some miles but worth it to see things we wouldn’t of seen otherwise. This is a hike you have to do at least once. I got to the top and said, I don’t think I need to do this ever again. Coming back down, my friend and I were jogging down the trail... mainly cause our feet were killing us. But once we got back I decided I definitely want to do it again. Actually tried to get in 2 months later when I took another trip there but unfortunately didn’t get in. There’s always next time!

I hiked the loop from glacier point. And the views all along the way were incredible. Taft point is a must see no matter which trailhead you get there from. I sat and had lunch there and just enjoyed the view.

We had the beach all to ourself! We made a huge seesaw out of the wood on the beach and played like little kids haha. It’s a must see! We hiked into the beach then up to the lighthouse and stopped and checked out all the history that this along the trail. It’s all pretty amazing

Lighthouses are always so cool to see/ walk around. We did a long walk down the beach to the lighthouse and back and found some cool treasures along the way

Worth the stop! Explore/play on the beach and go through the tunnel, then drive up to check out the octopus tree

I absolutely LOVE this area! I could sit and watch the waves crash into the rocks all day long. Definitely a place I recommend to anyone heading that way. The trails are all nicely maintained and easy

Nice easy walk with a fantastic view. Definitely worth the pit stop to check it out