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Sami Smith

Pretty busy trail which is good for wildlife purposes. They can tell you what’s ahead and vise versa. Give the wildlife space and enjoy the beautiful views!

Beautiful hike around the lake to the falls! Stay alert for any wildlife. When I went there was a mama bear and cub trying to cross the trail and you definitely don’t want to come between that. We also came across a younger moose walking down the trail. We kept our distance until he got off the trail… the other group of girls in front of us were ready to go up and pet it 🤦🏼‍♀️ and we informed them that it will charge you so it’s better to leave some space and wait it out

Absolutely beautiful lake to hang out at! Lots of beach area. You can hike around it, kayak, paddle board, etc. Get to the parking lot EARLY! And don’t leave until you’re ready to go and not come back for the day. This parking lot fills up fast in the summer as well as all along the road by this lake

Perfect place to get away from all the crowds on the main stretch of road. There are some pretty cool formations and you could explore in here for days!

Really cool little pit stop to stop and shake the legs out during a long road trip! Crazy how these form and it’s fun going down and through them and staring in amazement with how big they are!

Relaxing little area to explore or sit and have a snack. They have benches and trails and it is good for all ages

This is a nice walk around and you get different views of the heads. I wouldn’t recommend going during sturgis as my mom and I did when we were passing through cause everything in the vicinity is packed, but worth the stop to see it! Crazy to think they did it all from hanging on a rope

Stopped here on my way back to the west coast, and it was so worth it! You gotta do the boat ride into the middle of the falls… and you will get soaked lol. It’s a pretty cool experience all the way around

Start at upper dry fork canyon parking lot for an adventure down another cool/wider slot canyon on your way to peekaboo! If you want to do spooky, make sure you fit through the polls by the bathroom at the trailhead, it gets tight. Peekaboo is a great one and dog friendly… but make sure your dog is used to rock climbing/letting you help them. The entrance is rough with a dog and there are a couple hard places inside. There is also a go around (follow the carins and foot prints) if you don’t want to do spooky.

Nice place to stop and wander, eat a snack, or just hang out! There’s enough space to spread out if the parking lot is full

This is a cool quick stop while you’re on the long rough dirt road to the slot canyons. Kinda cool to see these rock formations when there isn’t any others like it out there

Grab the info for the trail before leaving and learn about different things all along the trail. They have spots marked 1-14. The hike itself is pretty flat, some up and down but not bad, but you are hiking through a lot of sand so try to wear shoes that don’t let sand in… I had a sandbox in my shoes by the time I got to the falls. The falls are absolutely beautiful as well as the scenery along the tail and worth the hike!

You see this picture everywhere but head up for sunrise or sunset and you will not be disappointed. Just sit and enjoy the wonderful view

Worth the hike up the artist point. No crowds and an incredible view! Sunset and sunrise are both incredible from this spot 🙌🏼

This is an easy paved walk to lower Yosemite falls. Be prepared to take turns getting a picture, it is usually busy because it is an easy/short walk

I took my parents to Yosemite for their first time and this was the first hike I took them on… and also the hardest! Haha we logged 12 miles, went to the top of the falls, the lookout that you take the giant stairs down to next to the falls, and added another 2-3 by going to Yosemite point. It’s a tough hike but we’ll worth it. It’s busy and very exposed so get an early start so you aren’t climbing in the heat

Always a great stop. Walk around by the water on a nice day. Cross the sundial bridge. And even go down and play in the river, there’s a nice area once you cross the bridge to go down to the water

Busy but nice walk if you don’t have a lot of time. Cross the sundial bridge and continue along the river

Parking lot is just off the hwy, more like a turnout parking area, not very big. To the left from the parking there will be a viewpoint and a trail the continues along. To the right will be another trail that has a steep downhill, and when I went there was a rope tied so you can hold onto it to get down and up the steep section. The dirt is slick when it’s dry!

Stopped here on my way home from a trip and spend a good hour or so exploring… definitely not long enough! There are closed trails and it can be dangerous in places if you aren’t careful. The dirt gets slick when it’s dry and that’s not a good combo when you’re next to the edge of a cliff.

Hike in the summer or the winter for these beautiful views at the top! It’s a short hike, and a climb but completely doable! It was fun to do in the snow and explore the snow covered area

This is a year round trek. It’s a great place to get outside and explore snowy or not. The lakes all freeze over and heart lake didn’t even look like a lake when I went. But the views are absolutely incredible!

Love this one! It’s a great place to go when you are looking for some quiet time since it isn’t super busy. This is also a great place to paddle board

I’ve been here so many times and it never gets old. Explore the waterfall, and the caves... cautiously lol. I found a huge dead seal in there one year, and it definitely made me rethink just running into caves on the ocean 😂