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The Highlands are remarkable! There is so much scenery to take in! It's a part of Scotland not to be missed! We were a bit pressed for time, but still got out at a few areas along the way, this being one, and walked along a trail for a bit.

We had a great time on this hike; saw less than 15 people. Beautiful scenery and easy hike. 100% recommend!

Beautiful (and popular) hike. A must do if in Edinburgh. It was sooo windy the day I did it! Had a great time though. Wonderful view. Easy to follow trail.

Fun visit; I am not super into museum-ish things, but this was enjoyable. We used a tourguide (included w/ ticket price if I remember correctly) and learned a lot from that. Beautiful views and good history lesson!

Pretty park right in Richmond!Wasn't lucky enough to be there for the Azaleas. Lots of walking options.

Pretty hike. There were black bears the day I was there. Decent amount of people in the last swimming hole. Was glad I wore water shoes for crossing rivers. It was a fun hike!

No cell service up here FYI. Beautiful area and be sure to check out the Morman River close by. Gorgeous part of the country!

Nelson County is the bomb! There are also cideries close by (one literally across from Devil's Backbone). Scenic views with refreshments! Plenty of hiking around too!

We did this hike in May, it was wonderful! We encountered about 15 other people on the hike. Great views and easy hike!

Beautiful overlook. Great place to take pictures. When we stopped there was no one else at this specific spot!

Beautiful spot along this drive. Exceptional for sunsets!

This is a pretty area in a cute town. Fun people watching and a nice sandy beach.

We didn't have it in our schedule to camp here; we just took the ferry over and had a nice time. Not sure there's many free ferries that exist anymore! Fun island to walk around and pretty beaches.

I am not super into touristy things, but still had a nice time! We spent a half day here. Learned a lot. Didn't pay for any extra activities, went into the free stuff. We even walked down to William and Mary, which was a pretty campus. Don't think I'll ever need to go back here, but again, happy I had the opportunity to go b/c it's so historical.

Used to go here all the time growing up. Beautiful views, wildlife, lots of fun stuff for kids. Easy trip from Milwaukee.

We were so happy to get to this park. It's breathtaking! We went in March, so we actually were wearing winter jackets; I cannot imagine how hot it gets in summer. It was fun to walk around. Once we were out of the visitor center (which is an intriguing stop), we saw less than 40 people. We spent about 2 hours here on a road trip.

Wander through this garden. Cool to see these so up close. Blue sky backdrop makes for some nice photos. Worth a stop for sure!

All around a fun area to explore! The beach and Hotel Del are awesome. And just walk around the neighborhoods and check out the cool houses!

So much fun. Worth a stop. The cliffs are gorgeous. I have seen seals everytime I have been here. The water color is pretty and the town is cute!

Great views and fun entertainment! I loved watching the hang gliders. Plus, there are wonderful views all around you! A fun and free stop in the area.

Did it on a weekday, so we saw less than 10 people. There is little sun protection, bring plenty of water! Enjoyed it. Easy to follow trail. Steep at times.

So much to learn here. We were on a budget, so just bought tickets, no tour. We eavesdropped in on some of the tours, but I had printed a website pulled up on my phone w/ facts that I just read aloud to my friends that I was with. You can also download several different types of podcasts to listen to about historical areas like this that will give you info if you want to save money on an official tour. A must do in Italy. Very crowded of course.

I had never seen a blowhole so I was amused! Make it a quick stop on the way to something else. Great view of the ocean!

Awesome beach. Was great for swimming. It’s a popular one, but it’s worth it! Fabulous views!!!