Explore the Ruins of the Coliseum

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When in Rome, make sure to stop by this marvel!

Incredibly impressive, no trip to Rome would be complete without a visit to this amazing structure. 

There are lots of tours that take you around the inside, and down into the depths of the ruin.  Wonderful spot for photography, and great for adults and families alike.  

If you have time, I would also recommend visiting the Roman Forum, which is just a short ways away.

Fun fact: Did you know that they used to have SEA BATTLES here?  

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A Must See in Rome

The Colosseum is a must see for anyone visiting Rome. If you are able to book the underground tour, I would recommend it. The entire time I was there, I was imagining what it would be like with gladiators fighting. It's quite impressive.


So much to learn here. We were on a budget, so just bought tickets, no tour. We eavesdropped in on some of the tours, but I had printed a website pulled up on my phone w/ facts that I just read aloud to my friends that I was with. You can also download several different types of podcasts to listen to about historical areas like this that will give you info if you want to save money on an official tour. A must do in Italy. Very crowded of course.

So much history

We took a tour of the coliseum, which was great because we got to learn about the history from our guide. Took lots of pics from inside and above the coliseum. It's got cool views from all angles.

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